How to access your intuition

At some point in our lives we will be challenged to seek an answer that doesn’t exist “out there” – we must go within and listen to our intuition. We cannot live life through a formula – what works for someone else may not work for us. “Do this, do that, and you will be [ Read more…. ]

Presence, Intention, Surrender

Living life intentionally is a powerful way of living, and yet the very energy of goals and forward-thinking can take us out of the present moment. The most important thing in this lifetime is for us to learn is presence. The simple art of being right here, right now in this present moment. The more [ Read more…. ]

New Year Ritual for 2019

New Year is a wonderful time  to let go of the old and bring in the new. It’s a great time to focus on your goals, visions and dreams. If you want 2019 to be all that it can be, I highly recommend doing this New Year ritual which I do with my meditation group [ Read more…. ]

Addictions, Emotions and Mindfulness

We are all searching for wholeness, be it consciously or unconsciously … If we are searching consciously, we will choose activities to enhance our growth and evolution such as spending time in nature, eating healthy food, exercising and seeking spiritual connection through meditation, prayer, reading, writing, dancing, painting or whatever form of inquiry or expression [ Read more…. ]

Beauty, Weight and Mindfulness

Perhaps you’ve noticed that the media is obsessed with body image. Many of us obsess about our weight and staying young. Unless we are mindful, we can fall into the trap of the messages that are out there, attempting to convince us that somehow we are not enough. Open a magazine and it’s full of bikini-clad [ Read more…. ]

You are not a victim!

You are not a victim! One of our greatest problems is that we allow other people and circumstances to define who we are. “Our human relationships change fundamentally once we stop looking for fulfilment or our sense of self in others” – Eckhart Tolle This is the truth of who you really are ; You [ Read more…. ]

Presence and the Ego

The ego is that part of you who looks at the world through a fearful lens and convinces you that what you see, think and feel is REALITY! But a negative reality is created by the fearful ego mind and will continue to be created until you gain awareness of it and no longer identify [ Read more…. ]

Why do I sabotage myself and how do I stop?

Why do we sabotage ourselves? And how do we stop? The first step is to understand WHY we do it. On the subconscious level, we limit ourselves for any of the following reasons: we feel fundamentally flawed, unworthy or undeserving we fear being abandoned or humiliated we believe success isn’t good or will bring with [ Read more…. ]

Conscious Presence is the Key

The whole Universe is undergoing a spiritual transformation to something else – a new consciousness. A process of evolution is happening. We are all connected to the one timeless consciousness that is evolving and that is why all of us are being challenged. Every challenge is an opportunity to become present and to grow. If [ Read more…. ]

The Value of Self-love

Self-love is central to an empowered life. How often have you sat with yourself, felt into your heart and said – I love you. I am listening. How different would we feel about ourselves if we did this for 5 minutes every day? We were never taught to practise self-love, but I highly recommend you [ Read more…. ]

The Importance of Acceptance & Forgiveness

Acceptance and forgiveness are essential if we want to create a happy and fulfilling life. While acceptance is forgiving every moment that doesn’t go our way, forgiving someone is accepting what has happened. It doesn’t mean that we are condoning what was done. It means that we consciously choose let go of any feelings of [ Read more…. ]

Surrender and trust!

Beware the temptation of ego-initiated plans! Our ego is the part of us that is disconnected from the Source. The ego mind wants to be separate, cut off from the collaborative matrix. It says “I can make it happen!” And the ego pushes, controls, manipulates and tries to force things – and yet this very [ Read more…. ]

Why Change is Good for You!

Most of us desire change, as long as it is the change we want. Change that gets inflicted upon us isn’t usually that kind of change, and yet it is ultimately taking us to a better place if we surrender to it. Change is inevitable, whether we choose it or not. If we deny change, [ Read more…. ]

Are you in love or fear?

There is no point in doing anything unless we do it with love! We are only ever in one of two vibrations – love or fear. Vibration is a feeling. Love is the feeling of inner peace or any other feeling that feels good – excitement, inspiration, joy, wonder – and many more. Fear is [ Read more…. ]

Believing there is not enough

Our physical world is skewed towards the negative and the concept of lack. We have been conditioned to think in terms of “not enough”. The ego mind believes there will never be enough and this concept of lack can invade every area of our life. How often have you thought: • I don’t have enough [ Read more…. ]

5 Steps if You Feel Challenged

The Buddha told us that all suffering is created from three things: • Greed – longing, desire, wanting • Hatred – no love, no compassion, no forgiveness • Delusion – seeing things as we wish them to be or not as they really are. When our lives feel difficult, this is a useful list to [ Read more…. ]

How to clear negative emotions

We all know them and feel them – those emotions that we don’t want to feel because when we feel them, it doesn’t feel at all good. These so-called negative or toxic emotions are simply feelings with a judgment attached to them, as are the positive emotions. That is, it’s a feeling we recognise and [ Read more…. ]

Embracing the Energy of 999

Numerologically, the energies of 999 are now culminating before 9th September 2016 – the 9th day of September, being the 9th month and 2016 adding up to a number 9. Number 9 is all about completion. Numerology is based on nine year cycles and the date of 999 comes around every nine years; the last [ Read more…. ]

Why and How to Clear Space

Mention “space clearing” to some people and they will give you a look that says “So you’re one of those …”. The concept of energy is foreign to some people who over-identify with the physical realm and the tangible, and yet many of these same people experience the “inexplicable”. Many years ago, when living in [ Read more…. ]

Why practise acceptance?

The most important relationship you will ever have is with the present moment. Are you creating conflict between your inner and outer worlds? Are your thoughts and feelings in opposition to What Is? This is an inner state of war. For many of us, life feels like a battle or a struggle, because it is [ Read more…. ]

What is self-awareness ?

Self-awareness is a state of being where we are present and connected to ourselves. It is only through this state of being that we can create positive change in our lives. Let me explain further. Our ego mind (that is the small fearful part of us that believes there is never enough and that there [ Read more…. ]

Creating from the Inside Out

The basic premise of meditation is: Look after your inside world – because it will automatically look after your outside world. Whatever is happening inside of us will be reflected in our outside world. How can we expect harmonious relationships and events flowing smoothly when inside we feel worried, anxious or in conflict? The more [ Read more…. ]

What is the state of surrender?

The state of surrender is letting go of any attachment to an outcome. When we are in a state of surrender, there is no sense of pushing for any particular outcome, no sense of forcing or striving or controlling or manipulating. It is a state of being that requires us to be in touch with our True [ Read more…. ]

The Core Beliefs that Sabotage Us

Core beliefs underlie all our thoughts, feelings and actions. Identifying and then challenging these beliefs can not only change how we feel but also transform our approach to life. Assumed to be true, core beliefs often go unnoticed and unchallenged. Through identifying automatic thoughts, we can sometimes uncover the main beliefs that underlie our personalities. [ Read more…. ]

Balance is the key

“If only I had more time” “I wish I was earning more money” “I’d like to be less busy” “I know when I have that, I’ll be happy” Most of us feel like this at least some times. We think that if we have more of something or less of something, then we’ll be happy. [ Read more…. ]

The loneliness of transformation

When we begin the journey of self-transformation, not only does the relationship with ourselves change; our relationships with other people and situations change as well . The people who we once resonated with may no longer interest us; what we want to put into our bodies may change and we may become more conscious of [ Read more…. ]

What is Mindfulness and Shenpa?

Mindfulness is a way of being – an awareness process. It is not a thinking process. The human mind – our ego mind – has taken over from our pure awareness. By practising mindfulness, we get in touch with our direct experience. When we do this, every moment is new and fresh and not tainted [ Read more…. ]

Healing tips for Christmas

Christmas can be a fraught time of year for many of us – particularly if we have lost a loved one, have experienced a break-up, are experiencing financial hardship or have difficult family members to deal with … or all of the above! Whatever our issues, Christmas has a way of magnifying them – be [ Read more…. ]

The myth that love hurts

We have heard it in songs, we have read about it in novels and, to some extent, we probably believe it – that love hurts, and that to fall in love is to also fall into pain. But it’s not the love that hurts us; it’s the fear of losing love. This is the double-edged [ Read more…. ]

Mindfulness Meditation

Sit comfortably with your spine straight. It doesn’t matter if you are leaning against a wall, in a chair or sitting in the lotus position. Close your eyes and feel your own presence. Feel you inside yourself, and come home to yourself. Notice any outside sounds and listen without judgment. And now bring your attention [ Read more…. ]

Why meditate?

In our busy modern world, now, more than ever, an emphasis on spiritual introspection is what we need,. Many of us are discovering that happiness and contentment aren’t going to be found “out there”. We can either learn to quiet the mind and find our contentment and completion from within, or we can continue on [ Read more…. ]

Be true to yourself in relationships

A common belief that some of us have is that we must be true to our partner and our relationship before we are true to ourselves. Many people “lose themselves” in relationships, and this is the very reason why. The people with the most happy and fulfilling relationships are the ones who know and love  themselves [ Read more…. ]

Forgiveness heals the forgiver

“Not forgiving is like swallowing poison and expecting the other person to die.” – Nelson Mandela Forgiveness is essential if we want to move forward in our lives. I’ve met many people who are struggling to create a good life and underneath this block is the unwillingness to forgive someone in their past – whether it be a parent, [ Read more…. ]

Are you grounded?

If you’re feeling scattered, that you never get enough done, over-think things or are anxious, you may not be grounded. Many of us are connected spiritually (crown chakra) but not humanly. What is grounding? It’s our conscious connection to Mother Earth, and it’s so very important, because we’re spiritual beings having a human experience. Without grounding, we won’t [ Read more…. ]

8 Keys to More Happiness

So many people are struggling to find happiness.  From feeling “flat” and not able to get excited about anything a lot of the time to mental illnesses such as depression and anxiety. In a world that has so much to offer, why is happiness evading us? Below are eight things to know if you want to have more [ Read more…. ]

The 5 Myths of Being Single

I see it too often – friends and clients who are attached to the idea that they will be “complete” when they meet “the one”. I used to believe it too until I found myself single at age 47 and realised that I needed to fall in love with myself and my own life before [ Read more…. ]

You cannot keep Spring from coming

You can cut all the flowers but you cannot keep Spring from coming.- Pablo Neruda I love this quote, which is a reminder that we are all in a process (which we may not even be aware of) and it is taking us to a more enlightened state. Everything we are currently experiencing is exactly [ Read more…. ]

Rest is not idleness

Rest is not idleness, and to lie sometimes on the grass under trees on a summer’s day, listening to the murmur of the water, or watching the clouds float across the sky, is by no means a waste of time.- John Lubbock Something that has become more and more apparent to me in my own [ Read more…. ]

We must let go

We must let go of the life we have planned, so as to accept the life that is waiting for us.- Joseph Campbell Autumn is my favourite time of year in Sydney. A golden light and special stillness occur. It is the time of harvesting, but also the gateway to winter. Just as the trees [ Read more…. ]