How Do I Let Go and Surrender?

02 August 2021

If you struggle with letting go and surrendering, you are definitely not alone. None of us have been taught how to do it; in fact most of us have been taught the opposite. We’ve been taught:

You’ve got to strive to get ahead

You’ve got to make something happen

You’ve got to always be ON.

There is a Universal Law of Surrender that deems when we let go of all attachment to an outcome, the ideal outcome will come about. It may not be the outcome our ego wants; it may not be the outcome we are attached to, but it will be for our highest good and the highest good of all. It is wise to accept the flow of life’s energy rather than resist it, because there is a constant underlying intelligence in life. That is what I call the Universe, some may call God or Source of whatever.

When we let go of what will be – that is our attachment to a future outcome, we have no resistance to what will be in the future, and then we find ourselves on the same side as the Universe, and not working against it.

The Universe doesn’t work against us – but many of us work against it! The ego is in constant battle with the Universe, because it doesn’t trust the Universe. The ego believes that it is the creator of all things – the ego is like a lone wolf that thinks it’s all alone and it must fight for everything in life.

So I’d like to share with you the 3 most common blocks we have to surrendering- these blocks all come from the ego self

1. We believe that surrendering means giving up. Surrendering is not giving up; it is handing over.

2. We believe that if we lose control, something bad is going to happen or things won’t go the way we want them to, or we may not get our longed for outcome. Surrendering does mean that we give up control, and that we let go of our idea of what the perfect outcome is.

3. We believe that surrendering means that we’re handing over whatever it is  into a void. Believe me, the void is powerful. The void is the supreme intelligence that knows how to orchestrate everything and how to take us where we need to go.

The early metaphysicist Florence Scovel Schin wrote:

I have weapons ye know not of

I have channels ye know not of

I have ways ye know not of.

Mysterious weapons, mysterious channels, mysterious ways.

For God works in mysterious ways, His wonders to perform.

Florence Scovel-Schin

When we surrender, we are handing over to the Highest Intelligence.
You can surrender your day and all that you wish to achieve, you can surrender your problems and challenges, your worries and your fears, your hopes and your dreams, knowing that this Divine Intelligence knows far better than you, how to go about it all and will manifest all manner of things in the best way possible. When we surrender, we are saying to the Universe “I trust you”, and so we enter into a joint agreement – a contract – a joint venture. We become a co-creator.

This is why surrender is so powerful

William Booth, the founder of the Salvation Army said:

“The greatness of a man’s power is the measure of his surrender.”

The ego mind is the part of us that thinks it’s all alone and has to manage everything, but our Higher Self knows that the Universe is the Supreme Intelligence which orchestrates all things. Look at the seasons, the tides and the ways of nature. This is The Universal Law of Rhythm. There is a time for all things under Heaven if we just let go and allow. When you become more surrendered, miracles do happen.

I have experienced many miracles in my own life when I have surrendered – from being shown solutions to problems, insights into situations where I’ve felt blocked or stuck, being given divine inspiration that has led to a successful outcome and unexpected sums of money coming to me.

I have found that the easiest way to become more surrendered is through prayer. Think about a problem, a worry or a fear you have. And say the following prayer to the Universe:

I surrender this to You.
I surrender to you my worry, my fear and all difficult emotions.
I hand this over.
Thank You that this may be resolved in Divine and perfect timing.

Stay open for what will come. You may be sent an idea or inspiration, a person, a sign or a direct solution. Sometimes a process needs to take place; sometimes the solution is swift and direct. Relax, surrender and know that the Universe is onto it. Continue to have faith.

And now think about something you would like to manifest. Take a minute to search your heart for what that is. Now visualise having this. Feel like you have it. Take another minute to do this. And say the following prayer to the Universe:

I surrender this desire to You.
Thank You that this may come to me in Divine and perfect timing.
If this is not meant for me, thank You for sending me what You know is best for me.
Breathe out and let go.

Know that if the Universe deems your wish is not good for you, trust that it has even greater and better plans for you. Something that you would like even more. Remember it is never less; it will only ever be better.

Stay open for miracles, for signs and for guidance. When you are shown a miracle, your faith deepens, and then you are willing to surrender even more. And be sure to give thanks when your problem is resolved or your desire manifest. Whatever we are grateful for, we are sent more of!

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