Personal Sessions

What does a personal session entail ?

I use a blend of the following healing modalities:

  • Akashic records reading
  • Tarot soul path guidance
  • Transformational counselling & coaching
  • Timeline therapy
  • Soul Truth Healing
  • Forensic Healing
  • Past life contract clearing
  • Ancestral programs clearing
  • Reiki Energy Healing
  • Chakra Clearing and Balancing
  • Chakra Reading
  • Meridian Clearing and Balancing
  • Forensic Healing
  • Serenity Vibration Healing
  • Neuro Linguistic Programming
  • Emotional Freedom Technique

These are my qualifications:

  • Diploma in Holistic Counselling and Life Coaching
  • Diploma in the Forensic Healing System
  • Certificate in Holistic Life Coaching
  • NLP Master Certification
  • NLP Teacher Certification
  • Reiki 1, 2 and Reiki Master
  • Certificate in Serenity Vibration Healing and Enlightenment Technique, level 1
  • Certificate in Meditation 1
  • Certificate in Past Life Regression Therapy with Dr Brian Weiss
  • Certified Akashic Records Reader
  • Member of the International Institute of Complementary Therapies.


How many sessions will I need with Nicole?

This can vary depending on your specific needs. Sometimes one session is enough; in the case of a long-held problem or a deeper transformation, I recommend a series of at least four sessions, usually two weeks apart. For this reason, I offer a package of four sessions at a discounted rate.

What can I expect after a session with Nicole?

The majority of my clients feel lighter, freer and more expansive after a session, however there are times that you could feel tired or even somewhat flat the next day. This is a normal part of the healing process and is only temporary. It is your body’s way of re-organising and rebalancing itself. When we are clearing “old stuff”, it can be likened to stirring up the silt that has settled at the bottom of a bucket of water. It’s got to be brought up so as to be released. Healing is a process, but the deeper you go, the greater the rewards.

If you ‘d like to book a session or if want to know more, you can email me.