The Empath’s Toolkit

01 October 2021

Are you an empath? Do you get exhausted when you spend too much time around people, or get easily affected by the energy of others? If so, you are not alone. Years ago, I used to wonder why I felt so profoundly tired after a lot of social interaction, and even totally drained by certain people. It wasn’t until I knew what an empath was that I finally understood myself and took the necessary steps to protect myself.

An empath is a highly sensitive person, highly attuned to other peoples’ emotions and vulnerable to absorbing negative energy. Most empaths are highly intuitive, many are introverted (but not all) and need “alone time”. Because they so easily absorb what’s around them, they thrive in environments where the energy is loving, peaceful and positive. They get replenished by being in nature and sometimes being with animals. Conversely, empaths suffer in environments where there is negativity, conflict and unpleasant noise.

Empaths are kind and helpful people and sometimes give too much. This can make them vulnerable to the attention of “energy vampires”. Energy vampires source their energy through other people. They find it difficult to generate their own energy, and so the empath is their ideal target.

Here are some ways that have helped me and many of my empath clients to retain and manage their energy effectively:

1. Start putting yourself and your wellbeing first. This means ensuring you get enough time alone and healing time in nature.

2. Become aware of when you’re giving too much and stop! It is great to give, but not at cost to yourself.

3. Set strong boundaries and limits with draining people.

Let me now share with you a few tools that you can use to manage your energy.

If you have taken on negative energy (and you’’l know you have if you feel negative or drained after an interaction), you can say the following affirmation with conviction:

“I now command all negative energies, negative vibrations, negative thoughts and negative emotions leave my bodies now, throughout all time, space and lifetimes. So be it.”

Before going into a situation where you suspect your energy will be drained, call upon Archangel Michael and ask for protection. Picture a bubble of blue white light, above, below and all around you.  Know that no negative energy can penetrate this bubble. Thank Archangel Michael for protecting your energy.

Archangel Michael

Archangel Michael can also cut negative cords of attachment between you and other people. To cut negative cords of attachment, call upon Archangel Michael and say:

“I now command that all lines of attachment to (the person’s name) that are draining my energy now be broken. I call back spirit and reclaim my energy now.” 

Visualise Archangel Michael’s sword cutting all cords of attachment between you and the other person and see that person float off into the light.

Take a deep breath in and release.  Then say: “(the person’s name) I let you go with love.”

These simple exercises are very powerful and will help keep your energy intact and clear. The more you honour yourself and your needs and practise these exercises, the better you will get at effectively managing your own energy.

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