Maintaining An Abundant Vibration In Difficult Times

07 July 2023

Now more than ever we are being required to stay aware and to proactively keep an abundant mindset, because there is a lot of fear and lack in the collective – we’ve got inflation, interest rate hikes, rent hikes, exorbitant power bills and talk of a global recession on the way. Many of us may be being affected by the economy, but we’re also being affected by the vibration of the mass consciousness. Hence the need to stay aware of ourselves and our perception of things.

We’ve all been affected by the pandemic, and we’re being affected now by an impending recession and all the crazy politics and war going on in the world. The world seems more unpredictable than ever.The current world climate and your own personal reality may be stirring up certain fears, and when it comes to abundance, these are the most common:

  • Fear of not having enough money to pay your bills 
  • Fear of not having enough money in the future.
  • Fear of losing your job
  • Fear of never getting ahead or feeling financially secure.

If any of these fears feel like yours, you are not alone. Just lovingly acknowledge the fear. Don’t push it away, and don’t tell yourself “I shouldn’t feel this way”. By acknowledging the fear, the fear loses its power. And please remember that all fear is False Evidence Appearing Real, and with awareness and self-understanding you can move through it and out into the light again. 

I’ll give you a personal example. Recently. I was faced with a series of unexpected large expenses and I felt myself going into fear. I went within and I asked myself “what’s the fear?” And the fear was about not having enough money in the future and losing what I already have. I did forensic healing on myself and saw that this fear was ancestral and came from my Irish ancestors who probably did lose everything. Many of us still have ancestral traumas in our DNA that get triggered when we experience financial loss or difficulty. So it’s really important that you hold yourself with love and compassion, because many of our fear reactions come from ancestors and past lives.

Even though there is a lot of uncertainty in the world right ow, the events going on are exactly as it’s meant to be. We are shifting out of the Age of Pisces and into the Age of Aquarius, which are two very different energies. Age of Pisces was about the power elites having control over the masses, and money, abundance and power being enjoyed by those privileged few. Age of Aquarius is about love, equality, individuality, connection and integrity. And so whatever has to change – and there’s a lot needing to change – will be disrupted and eventually disintegrate so as to create a new earth. Right now, the power elites are fighting to keep control. A new earth will come about through personal transformation and each of us realising our true power.

On the spiritual level, we are transitioning from 3D to 5D. What does this mean? It means that we human beings are being required to evolve to a higher level of consciousness. It’s already happening – we are realising our true power through the use of Universal Laws, a key one being the Universal Law of Attraction – we have the power to create what we want. You can read more about the Universal Laws in my free ebook and my book The 25 Universal Laws.

The Freemasons knew about the Law of Attraction well before any of the “masses” did. For centuries, the most powerful, creative and wealthy people in the world were Freemasons – Benjamin Franklin, George Washington, Mozart, Lachlan Macquarie, Alexander Fleming, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Winston Churchill, Andrew Carnegie, J. Edgar-Hoover, Silvio Berlusconi. ALL MEN! Till this day, no women are allowed to become Freemasons.

I’d like to share with you some foundational spiritual truths about money and abundance.

1. The Universal Law of Abundance.

This law deems that you have within yourself everything to create an abundant life. We all have, no matter what our circumstances or the world’s circumstances. We live in a Universe of infinite abundance, but most of the population of the world right now believes in a world of lack, and so that is what’s being created for them. The intention for your incarnation was not to struggle, but to thrive. You are born to the Earth and Mother Earth shall provide, but because most of humanity has lived out of alignment with its true nature for so long, this knowledge has been lost and our connection to Mother Earth has been disturbed. 

Abundance includes everything that we need to live our best life – good health, love, connection, meaning, purpose, peace, relaxation and physical things and money.

You are worthy of everything you require to live your best life. You are worthy of everything that is in your highest good. The very fact that you have incarnated on Earth qualifies you to receive all that you require to reach your full potential this lifetime.

Because of the ancestral imprints of limitation, we have been believing that we are not worthy of such abundance. We have been believing that hardship and struggle is the way that it is.

The Law of Abundance encourages us to have faith that the power already exists within us to manifest all that will enhance our lives, no matter what the outside circumstances.

2. Money and everything else we need comes from the Source

Whether we call it God, Universe or All That Is, the Source is a Supreme Intelligence. Acknowledging that there is a Source is imperative if you wish to create abundance easily. Choosing to do this alone, in a disconnected way – that is through the ego self –  is the hardest way to manifest money or anything else. The Law of Attraction requires that we are working with something greater than ourselves.

“Seek first the kingdom of heaven, and all these things will be given to you as well” – Matthew 6:33

“My cup runneth over” – Psalm 23. The Universe will give you everything you want and more.

When you are Source-connected, you are powerful and you can manifest from the creative plane, not the earth plane. This is what 5D is all about. The earth plane is the hardest way to create abundance. 

3. There are many channels of abundance

On an earthly level, it appears that money comes from your job, your business, the government, your investment, your clients, your spouse or from whatever or whomever you receive it. But all of these are just channels through which the Source sends you money. They are NOT the Source! Too often you can become attached to the channel, believing that it is the Source. When you focus only on the current earthly reality and the limited ways that money currently comes to you, you close yourself off to the unlimited possibilities that are available to you. They are always there. 

When you join in the mass belief of negative circumstances such as an economic downturn, a pandemic, a recession, a depression, inflation or unemployment, you allow that reality to take over and disempower you. When you refuse to identify with these earthly realities, you become the power. You operate from a different matrix to all those still in the reality of mass belief, and you have the ability to transcend scarcity and limitation.

4. The Universal Law of Attraction 

This law deems that whatever you think about, dream about, talk about or write about, you draw to you. So imagining what you want and feeling like you already have it creates the perfect vibration to bring about its manifestation.The Law of Attraction encourages us to trust in the Universe as to the “how”. Our  job is to visualise and to feel that we already have it. 

5. The feeling of abundance creates abundance

That feeling of acceptance and inner peace is key to creating abundance – the feeling is a vibration – the feeling of abundance creates abundance. You may have heard the saying “the rich get rich and the poor get poorer” – it’s true! Why? Because the rich feel rich so they keep getting richer and if the poor feel poor, they keep getting poorer. So this where another important Universal Law comes in. 

6. The Universal Law of Action

We are not here just to sit and meditate and dream, although that is a part of what we’re here to experience. We are also here to DO. The Universal Law of Action deems that when we take action towards what we want, the Universe gets behind us and works with us. Action doesn’t mean drudgery. Yes it means working towards what we want and doing what we have to do, but we can do this in a way that feels inspired, joyful, optimistic, loving and peaceful. Taking action that is accompanied by negative emotions will be self-sabotaging. 

7. The Universal Law of Replacement

This law deems that if you experience a loss of any kind, the loss will be replaced by something the same or better. Energy cannot die; it can only be transmuted into something else. So if you lose your job, or you lose money, know that it will return to you in divine and perfect timing.

By contrast, the ego believes in loss; it does not trust that everything will be replenished. If we choose to believe in loss, we will feel aggrieved, we will feel the loss and so we continue to create just loss, because we block the energy of replacement from flowing back to us. When we trust that the loss will be replaced, we find a sense of acceptance and inner peace, and it is that acceptance and peace that will allow the energy to flow again, and the loss will be replenished and it will come back to us in divine and perfect timing.

8. The Universal Law of Gratitude

The Law of Gratitude deems that whatever we feel grateful for, and appreciative of, will expand. When we are in genuine gratitude, we are focusing on what we already have and feeling good about it. From this place we are able to manifest more. 

By default, however, we are programmed to constantly notice what is lacking in our lives, and what we haven’t got. From this place of lack we cannot manifest anything more. Trying to manifest from a vibration of lack is like trying to grow crops in barren soil. It won’t happen! 

By practising gratitude on a daily basis, you can shift your mindset from lack to abundance. Even if you don’t have much money or many resources, be grateful for what you do have, and more will come your way!

You can read more about the Universal Laws and how to change your relationship with money in my book The Money Matrix, or you can listen to my course Perfect Prosperity on the Insight Timer app.

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