Do You Sabotage Yourself Financially?

05 May 2022

If you have issues around money, believe me, you are not alone. In my book The Money Matrix I reveal the most common ways that we self-sabotage, and I’m about to share them with you, but before I do, it’s important that I stress the need for self-love and compassion, because we don’t deliberately sabotage ourselves. We do it at the subconscious level, and we do it because underlying every action or lack of action, we have an incorrect belief. 

We hold old programming from our families and our ancestors that has a direct effect on our relationship to money. There are also many negative forces at play in the world right now that encourage us to stay disempowered when it comes to money.

We can’t do any better until we know better. And we can know better when we shine the light on these saboteurs. If no light gets shone on them, we remain unconscious of them. We remain in the dark, doing the same thing over and over again, and wondering why we never get ahead. Many of us got the message when we were young that it’s not ok to talk about money, so no wonder we remain in the dark!

If any of these self-sabotages are yours, I ask you not to go into self-blame and shame. Hold yourself in the place of love, understanding and self-compassion. Because it’s not really your fault.

So here are the most common ways that we sabotage ourselves financially

Not knowing your current financial situation – in order to get to your goal or vision, you must know your starting point.

Not planning or budgeting – creating a basic financial plan or budget makes you more conscious of where your money goes and gives you the necessary parameters so as to get ahead.

Not taking care of yourself and your existing assets – if you do not value and take care of all that you have now, you are unlikely to attract more of it into your world. When you take care of yourself and your assets, you are sending a clear message to the Universe that you are worthy of more.

Not prioritizing your spending (wants VS needs) – spending money on your basic needs must come before the non-essentials, for example there is no point in paying for new clothes and entertainment if you haven’t paid for your rent, utility bills and food. So much of what we buy really is non-essential, but we give into ego temptations so often. The purchase can give us instant gratification, but no long term gratification, in fact often regret.

Spending money on things that are not good for you or serve no good purpose – wasting and disrespecting money ensures that no good will flow back to you. 

Giving your money to other people and causes, when you need it more yourself – putting yourself last is giving the same message to the Universe! Only give what you have in excess of.

Allowing other people to have access to your credit cards or accounts – this is an act of disrespect towards yourself. 

Living beyond your current means – this is a form of denial which will eventually catch up with you.and ensure that you never get financially abundant. Temptation is all around us and there are many entities in this world that want us to get into debt. 

Getting into debt – there is both good debt (such as a mortgage or a student loan) and bad debt (credit card debt, hire purchase agreements). Once you get yourself into bad debt, it can be difficult to climb out of, as the interest builds. It takes conscious effort to break free of bad debt, so the best way out of bad debt is not to get into bad debt in the first place.

Feeling resentful about paying your way in life – there is a price we have to pay for the earthly things in this world and the sooner we accept that, the better off we will be. Resentment is a toxic emotion and when you resent paying your bills, your taxes or anything else that is necessary for your earthly experience, you will prevent money from flowing back to you. Love will re-establish the flow.

Working on a salary for less than you deserve / Charging for less than you deserve – playing small will keep your financial potential small. The Universe will only ever match what you think you are worthy of.

Working for no pay at all – when you deny yourself, the Universe will also deny you. It is ok if you choose to work on a voluntary basis because you want to make a positive difference in some way, but if you would like or need to earn money, then seek a position that pays you.

Trusting the wrong people when it comes to money – not everyone has your best interests at heart. Not everyone is trustworthy. Having your own best interests at heart is an act of self-love.

Not making legal/financial agreements where necessary – having clear intentions backed up by legal and financial agreements where necessary will protect you and your assets. These agreements include legal divorce settlements, pre-nuptial or domestic agreements and legal business agreements.

Using money for ill-gain or to manipulate or control other people – the use of money for bad intentions or ill-gain will create negative karma for you. This is the Universal Law of Karma. Whatever you do to others, you do to yourself.

Making choices based on greed – the desire to make money without the exchange of positive energy will eventually backfire. Get-rich-quick schemes or investing in something that is not good for people or the planet so as to make as much money as you can will affect you in a negative way karmically.

Not saving – if you have no savings, life can feel scary because you have no financial cushioning for if/when you are faced with unplanned expenses. Saving at least ten percent of your income will create a feeling of security and abundance, as well as satisfaction and optimism, as you watch your nest egg grow. 

Not having a retirement/superannuation plan – it is wonderful to live in the now, but also wise to plan for the future. 

Choosing to be financially illiterate – because there is a lot of “jargon” used in the financial world that is designed to bamboozle, confuse and disempower the average person, it is not unusual to feel a sense of shame and a desire to stick your head in the sand when it comes to understanding financial terms and services. Nowadays, this  does not have to be difficult. There are now many websites and books available that clearly explain all you need to know, and it is not necessarily complicated. 

Many of these self-sabotaging behaviours are common in the current world population. Unless you take affirmative action, you cannot enter the money matrix. I suggest changing one thing at a time and being kind and patient with yourself. Healing is a process – you don’t need to overwhelm yourself by trying to change everything all at once. In The Money Matrix I give you simple solutions for all of these self-sabotaging behaviours. 

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