Nicole Bayliss

Reiki, Forensic and Energy Healing, Life Path Guidance and Coaching

Awakening Souls, Healing Lives…

  • Reiki
  • Forensic Healing
  • NLP
  • Life path guidance through Tarot
  • Soul Truth Healing
  • Serenity Vibration Healing
  • EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)
  • Counselling and Transformational Life Coaching
  • Personal and business mentoring for healers and entrepreneurs.

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In this busy demanding world, healing is needed more than ever before. Many of us are yearning for less stress, pain, anxiety and worry, and desiring to live a life aligned to our soul’s values and potential. As a qualified Reiki Master, Counsellor and Forensic Healer, my mission is to assist you in releasing the blocks that are standing in the way of you finding happiness, peace, success, prosperity and love, through powerful healing techniques. I believe in miracles; I have witnessed too many not to.

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My Latest Online Course

Reset to Love, Peace and Abundance in Challenging Times

This is a 7 day course in which I share with you 20 key Universal Laws that must be abided so as to create love, peace and abundance.

These Universal Laws are key to creating the life you want full of true abundance and happiness.

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Nicole brought a fundamental shift to my life. Many years ago I saw her initially for day to day life challenges. Little did I know back then, that through her counselling, meditation nights and various workshops that I would be inspired to find my passion. She introduced me to EFT in her sessions.I didn’t even dream to start Thrive With EFT if it wasn’t for ‘working on my own stuff’ with Nicole. I continue to learn from her and admire how authentic she is in her abilities and intention towards her clients’ healing as well as being a business coach and mentor. I have recommended many friends and relatives to Nicole and all of them rave about her. A true gem with the warmest of hearts, I hope you too benefit from what you are seeking to accomplish in your life goals.


Arishma Singh, Thrive EFT


Whenever I see Nicole my energy shifts & I feel refreshed and uplifted. I turn to Nicole when life throws me a curveball, when I lose focus and it is like hitting the reset button! My mindset returns to being positive & inspired, the negativity is lifted and my enthusiasm returns. My journey for this lifetime is enlightenment, my mission is to heal & serve, this means I feel a regular need to call on a higher power to ensure I am on the right path & receive guidance from the spiritual realm. Nicole helps me light up my path and provides support when I get lost in main stream and my vision is clouded. She provides clarity, guidance & holds space for my continual growth & emergence into the woman I was born to be. I feel so incredibly blessed to have her support.


Jane Curnow, Health and Fitness Coach


Nicole is a wonderful teacher with whom I had the pleasure to learn Reiki 1, 2 and Master. I’ve met wonderful healing teachers from USA, Brazil, Australia but I can really say that the simplicity, kindness and love she put into her work makes her so special. I’m truly grateful that I’ve had her in my healing journey.

I highly recommend Nicole as a Reiki teacher.

Thank you Nicole for all your love, knowledge and support.


Sandra Mara, Energy Healer


Soul Magic – Now Available in Hardcopy and Ebook


This is a book of spiritual knowledge and wisdom to assist with the evolution of your soul.

It can be read from cover to cover or used as a guidance and healing tool by holding it in your hand, while asking a question or contemplating a challenge, and allowing a page to open.

To deepen the healing experience, there are meditational practices to assist you in embodying a transformational shift.

Whichever way you choose to read this book, trust it will align you to your soul and guide you towards ever greater truth, love, happiness, prosperity and light.

Soul Magic front cover.


A Shift to Bliss – available as paperback or eBook


Many people are seeking more happiness and fulfilment.

Many of us:
✓ feel devoid of inner peace
✓ feel frustrated that our dreams won’t materialise
✓ struggle in our personal relationships
✓ experience a shortage of time, money or love

At a deep level, we are attempting to live our lives built on faulty foundations – conditioned beliefs that no longer serve us. These beliefs create energy blocks that sabotage us and our potential. The intention of this book is to shine light on the self-limiting beliefs that are preventing you from living your best life.

A Shift to Bliss - Nicole Bayliss


A Shift to Bliss – available as paperback or eBook


Offers the opportunity to find love through the inner journey of healing yourself. By addressing the issue on all levels – energetically, spiritually, psychologically and behaviourally – Nicole takes you on a journey of self-exploration and guidance in the process of manifesting the relationship you have longed for. 5 Steps to Finding Love - Nicole Bayliss

Radio interview - '5 Steps to Finding Love'

by Karen Swain | 99.3 FM

My Story

Spirituality has always been an important part of my life, but it wasn’t until I experienced a transformation in my late 40’s that I realised the True Power that existed within me.

In 2005 I recall standing in a moment of pure awareness and ecstacy. Nothing “special” had happened in my outer life. I was just standing on a street corner, about to cross the road and felt complete oneness with everything and everyone.I had begun learning and practising meditation on a regular basis the year before and the exhaustion I had felt for years had left me. The shift this created in me is something that is impossible to put into words.

I am a Seeker of Spiritual Truth…

For years I had been seeking spiritual truth through reading. In fact books would find me. Some fell at my feet in bookshops, others called to me in bargain basements and some were sent to me or recommended to me by family and friends just at the time I needed to read that particular book. And yet a profound shift was happening within me just through closing my eyes and “being”. Information was important, but so was “no information”.

From Crisis to Awakening…

It was during a meditation in 2006 that I received a message to be true to myself, and I declared to everyone around me at New Year’s Eve that this was my new year’s resolution. Never underestimate the power of a resolution. Within a year I was divorced, my 18 year marriage in tatters and my family torn apart by a mid-life crisis – mine! The ensuing events ripped through our lives like a tornado. How did this happen? I thought I knew myself. Clearly not. Healing from this crisis led me on a journey of deep self-discovery, self-forgiveness and a thirst to know more.

Releasing Old Patterns…

I found a wonderful therapist who taught me Buddhist principles; she also helped me to see my patterns that I developed in childhood – the need to please others even if it didn’t please me, feeling overly responsible for others and the need to rescue. I was a classic co-dependent! This all stemmed from low self-worth. As I began to heal and change the self-limiting beliefs and patterns that had created my life to date, I realised that I had been presented with a brand new beginning. A new me was blossoming, like a butterfly from its cocoon.

Purpose Found Me…

And emerging with that was a sense of purpose, an inner-knowing that I could help others on their journeys of transformation too. Purpose had found me; I never went searching. So the study began and went on for seven years. From the time I entered my first classroom, I knew I had found my mission – Holistic counselling, Reiki, Tarot, NLP, Serenity Vibration Healing, Forensic Healing (read more…). I am always learning – both through study and through life! Recently I have channelled a new healing modality called “Soul Truth Healing” which is creating miracle shifts for my clients.

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