I’ve been following Nicole’s work online for a few years now – notably on Insight Timer as a Premium user. Her courses “Perfect Prosperity” and “Release Fear and Lack” as well as her numerous guided practices and meditations – they all had a deep impact on my growth. But it was only when I finally met her for a private session that I could really taste the depth of her work. That is why I highly recommend to follow her work, and when the time is right, to book a proper private session. You still have to walk the walk on your own – but it does help to know which way to go… Blessings to all.

Nicola (Kabiro) Serafini, Italy

I want to say “thank you” again for the last session.  It has been unbelievable in the fact that I have more energy, I am more productive in my daily life, and I am feeling less burdened in my life.


Nicole, your guidance has truly helped me to see things from a different perspective and also make better choices which are leading to a lot more happiness and success for me!


You really have a gift with this Nicole and your readings are impeccable and very much appreciated

Melissa L.

I was blown away by the accuracy of Nicole’s reading and her ability to locate ages where I experienced trauma that were still affecting me now. Her sessions have helped me in all areas of my life.

Carol, Business Owner

I cannot recommend Nicole highly enough. She’s helped me through some very difficult times and helped me have the courage to do the legwork involved with healing myself. If you’re ready to heal yourself and your life, love and respect yourself, take the step with Nicole. Much love, light and blessings to you, Nicole

Sylvia K., Teacher

Nicole is a wonderful healer. She is warm, caring and supportive. I feel blessed to have found her. I always leave feeling relaxed and revitalized. THANK YOU Nicole for your gentle support and guidance, I am very grateful.

Mark M., Business Owner
Whenever I see Nicole my energy shifts & I feel refreshed and uplifted. I turn to Nicole when life throws me a curveball, when I lose focus and it is like hitting the reset button! My mindset returns to being positive & inspired, the negativity is lifted and my enthusiasm returns. My journey for this lifetime is enlightenment, my mission is to heal & serve, this means I feel a regular need to call on a higher power to ensure I am on the right path & receive guidance from the spiritual realm. Nicole helps me light up my path and provides support when I get lost in main stream and my vision is clouded. She provides clarity, guidance & holds space for my continual growth & emergence into the woman I was born to be. I feel so incredibly blessed to have her support.

Jane Curnow, Health and Fitness Coach
Nicole is a highly intuitive energy healer, who I have seen for about 5 years. In addition to teaching me tarot and Reiki, Nicole has also helped me through some very tough times with numerous healings and guidance sessions. Her caring, empathic nature is aways a safe haven. I can’t recommend Nicole highly enough as a healer, teacher and life coach.

Judy Whithead-Pope, Healer
Nicole is a wonderful teacher with whom I had the pleasure to learn Reiki 1, 2 and Master. I’ve met wonderful healing teachers from USA, Brazil, Australia but I can really say that the simplicity, kindness and love she put into her work makes her so special. I’m truly grateful that I’ve had her in my healing journey.

I highly recommend Nicole as a Reiki teacher.

Thank you Nicole for all your love, knowledge and support.

Sandra Mara, Energy Healer
Nicole has helped me move forward in my business as well as personal life. Her guidance through tarot is always reliable…. she has helped me navigate my own financial fears as a business owner, which I can now pass onto others as I have experienced how an abundant mindset leads to the best outcome for all. It often pays to have another perspective as well as a sense of humour when learning to trust in the process. Thank you Nicole!

Sophie Ramsay, Flow Accounting

Nicole brought a fundamental shift to my life. Many years ago I saw her initially for day to day life challenges. Little did I know back then, that through her counselling, meditation nights and various workshops that I would be inspired to find my passion. She introduced me to EFT in her sessions.I didn’t even dream to start Thrive With EFT if it wasn’t for ‘working on my own stuff’ with Nicole. I continue to learn from her and admire how authentic she is in her abilities and intention towards her clients’ healing as well as being a business coach and mentor. I have recommended many friends and relatives to Nicole and all of them rave about her. A true gem with the warmest of hearts, I hope you too benefit from what you are seeking to accomplish in your life goals.

Arishma Singh, Thrive EFT
I am so grateful to Nicole for helping me create my new business.

I first visited Nicole almost 2 years ago to seek her help in deciding what direction to take my business. I had an established home interiors store in the Eastern Suburbs which I wanted to pivot into a more flexible and varied online store and interior design service.

We started by identifying and fixing any personal barriers to taking this new step successfully. Nicole used many techniques to help me shift my energy. Together we then worked on a mission statement and business plan from a foundation of self confidence, clear values and trust in life.

I see Nicole on a regular basis, as my business evolves and grows and she helps me navigate the choices, challenges and opportunities from a consistent and empowered position.

TODAY I love my new work life, I have a business I am proud of and in the process of working with Nicole I have become more peaceful and trusting of life.

Susan Sheller – Owner, Cotton Love
Nicole helped me transition through two major turning points in my life – when I had difficulty getting over the breakup of a significant relationship and when I had to leave a my job of 8 years. In both, she gently brought me to a place where I was able to stop holding on so tightly to circumstances that were no longer working.

I’ve been going to Nicole regularly for the last 3 years, and I’m happier, more fulfilled, stronger – and life has been more amazing since this time. She has been crucial shifting the way I now view and live life:

Her sessions are beautiful – I float out in bliss and for that moment whatever troubled me is soothed, and that peace usually lasts for the rest of the day. More importantly, I find Nicole’s healing brings longer term results because she equips me with the best possible mindset (and even homework to do after the session) so that rather than struggle when life throws me a rough wave, I’m able to ride it… and almost enjoy it too. And (surprise, surprise) what was “bad” often opened the door to something even better in the longer run.

Life is always changing and will have its sad/ bad/ unfortunate moments, and how you handle these times is all the difference in the world. Often it’s hard to do this on your own, and I’m so grateful I have Nicole there to help me. Sessions with Nicole are part of my secret life wellbeing toolkit.

Michelle Tan, Communications Specialist & Designer, Tan Swimwear
I found Nicole at just the right time. I was going through an emotional time suffering from depression, anxiety and confidence issues which were effecting all area’s of my life. After my first Reiki session with Nicole nearly 8 years ago, I felt an immediate shift and continued with regular treatments as my body and mind seemed to crave this particular type of healing. It really worked for me and I can honestly say Nicole and her healing techniques have completely changed my life in so many positive ways. About 6 months ago, I felt drawn to learn Reiki myself and offer this beautiful healing practice to my loved ones and others. I thoroughly enjoyed Nicole’s teaching style, she is incredibly patient, easily relatable and she has a way of adding fun and lightness into her teaching. I am now a fully qualified Reiki Master and I have set up my own Reiki business which is going really well. I can’t recommend Nicole and her Reiki courses enough – she is a fantastic teacher with a lovely person to be around.

Lisa Marie-Smith, Qualified Reiki Master