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Beware the temptation of ego-initiated plans! Our ego is the part of us that is disconnected from the Source. The ego mind wants to be separate, cut off from the collaborative matrix. It says “I can make it happen!” And the ego pushes, controls, manipulates and tries to force things – and yet this very way of being will block things from happening instead of allowing them to happen! The ego operates always from the vibration of fear.

By contrast, our True Self, connected to the Divine Matrix/The Source/God or whatever we want to call it, knows that there is a far greater plan for us than our ego could ever imagine and when we trust in that, we allow miracles to happen.

We must learn to trust and surrender – when we do this, we feel peaceful and allow natural intelligence to run through us. Look at an embryo and how it grows; look at nature grow. Look at water flow. Nature works on the Law of Least Resistance. Grass doesn’t try to grow; it just grows! Water doesn’t try to flow; it just flows.
How can we flow like that? Through the state of surrender! The state of surrender is letting go of any attachment to an outcome. When we are in a state of surrender, there is no sense of pushing for any particular outcome, no sense of forcing or striving or controlling or manipulating.

The state of surrender is a state of being that requires us to be in touch with our Higher Self, which knows that we are always looked after and that the Universe is a loving place; it has our back and only wants what is best for us if we just let it. By contrast, the ego mind thinks we are all alone and we have to battle through life.

The Universe is a self-organised, self-correcting organism, and we are part of that organism. We can equate the ego mind to cancer in the body. The ego mind wants to be separate, cut off from the collaborative matrix, just like malignant cells. Beware the temptation of ego-initiated plans! You are part of the whole; you are not separate. You must work with the collaborative matrix, not separately from it. How do we know the difference?

Choices made from the True Self will be based on a sense of divine inspiration and love and will be for our highest good and the highest good of all. Choices made out of ego will usually have an attachment to an outcome that the ego wants, and the intention behind them will be based on fear or a sense that we are somehow not enough. Think Inspiration not Ambition!

Just as there are no neutral thoughts – they are either loving or fearful, there are no neutral choices. Loving choices align you with the Divine Matrix and create miracles. Fearful choices will never create fulfilling outcomes, and they usually create more worry and anxiety. We must continually ask ourselves “Am I making a choice out of love or fear?”

When we surrender, we feel peaceful. The feeling of inner peace creates the correct vibration to put us into the Universal Flow. Inner peace is the fertile soil in which our hopes and dreams can grow, and the process will be enjoyable!

Inner peace doesn’t mean getting stuck in a comfort zone. We can have a vision and work towards it. We can create positive change for ourselves. It’s healthy to go beyond our comfort zone sometimes. But think “Stretch” not “Struggle”. So let’s talk about the most common areas in life where we struggle or battle, because wherever we are in struggle, we are disconnected from our Source.

TIME – How often are you fighting time? Most of us haven’t realised that we can work with time. Quantum physicists are now confirming what Albert Einstein told us – that time is elastic! It’s not this set plane that we think it is. It actually expands and contracts according to our vibration! Have you ever had a day where you’re feeling really inspired and happy and you achieve a lot within a given amount of time, and other days you struggle to get anything done? Your vibration is affecting time!

How often do you tell yourself you don’t have enough time? Start telling yourself “I have all the time I need”, because in truth, you do. “The butterfly has but moments, yet still has time enough”.

How do you stop fighting time? Inner peace! And we can achieve inner peace through loving thought.

• What I cannot get done today I will do tomorrow.
• If I cannot meet this deadline, it wasn’t meant to be.
• If I get the sack, then it means the Universe doesn’t want me to be in this job; there’s something better.
• If I don’t have a job tomorrow, the Universe will look after me.

Notice how the thoughts are all about SURRENDER? And they are optimistic, loving thoughts.

MONEY – the struggle vibration is very common when it comes to money. Most of us believe there’s never enough of it, and so we create that reality. When we are in the Universal Flow, however, money will flow to us as and when we need it. Start believing this and you will see it happen! Money comes from the Source; it doesn’t come from your job, your partner, your investments. They are just the current channels through which money comes. Money is a currency – it has to flow. If you want to attract more money, go and spend some money! I know that sounds counter-intuitive, but you are telling the Universe “I trust you”.

We have all been conditioned to believe that we have to work hard or struggle to get money, and that we must be frugal with it because we never know when it’s going to stop coming. This isn’t true. Programmed into you when you were born here on Earth is the knowledge that you will always be provided for, but we’ve lost this knowledge through conditioning. We’ve got to start believing it again.

• I surrender all my worries about not having enough money to the Universe.
• The Universe has my back and I’m always looked after.
• If one channel of abundance dries up, another one opens up for me! If not 2, 3, 4 …
• I am open to ALL the channels of abundance.

Again, these are loving, optimistic thoughts that create a vibration of inner peace. This is the fertile soil that creates miracles.

RELATIONSHIPS – relationships don’t flow when love doesn’t flow. The people you have difficult relationships with are here to teach you unconditional love. Ask yourself “What is it in me that is stopping me from loving this person?” It may be hurt and resentment, or criticism or judgment, or all of them. Surrender and let go of all hurt and resentment – they will block the good from coming into your life. Forgive, or at least be willing to forgive. This is the most important part of healing yourself.

Start noticing where you are holding blame, judgements and criticism towards others. Everybody is faulty, including ourselves, but that doesn’t mean they’re unlovable. Energy is circular – it all returns to us. What we give out, we get back. Give out love, you’ll get it back. Give out anything that is not love – and you’ll get it back too.

Beware of power games! It’s very easy to fall into one if you’re dealing with someone who’s into power and control. Don’t play them at their own game. Where there is power and control, there is no love. Be the higher person. Be humble. The meek shall inherit the earth! This doesn’t mean being a doormat. You can create boundaries, but also give and send love. You will be rewarded when you stay humble.

The Universe loves you unconditionally and you are here to learn to love unconditionally. When you make this your intention, you will begin to see miracles happen in your relationships. It may not be immediately, but you will get the rewards.

• I surrender all that is not love.
• Even though I am finding it difficult to love this person, I send them the Universe’s love.
• Even though I am finding it difficult to forgive this person, I am willing to start the process.
• I fill all of my relationships with love.

HEALTH – The Universal Flow is within you – known as Qi, the life-force energy. Qi is weakened by a lack of self-love and self-approval and by toxic emotions such as anger, resentment, guilt or shame. A lack of self-forgiveness or forgiveness of others is the greatest metaphysical cause of disease.

Louise Hay tells us that cancer‘s cause is emotional – long-standing resentments, a deep secret or grief eating away at us or a lack of forgiveness. Hatred, towards self of others, blocks the Qi. Love allows it to flow.

For any illness to heal, the first step is to accept and love the illness. How often do you hear of people FIGHTING cancer or any other illness? This weakens the Qi even more. Fight nothing! Surrender.

• I surrender this illness/condition
• I accept this condition/illness and I send it love.
• I release within me everything that is not love.
• I choose to love myself and my body.
• I allow Qi energy to flow freely within me.


Success, for many, is a concept that is dictated to us from the outside. To be successful we are supposed to earn a certain amount of money, own certain things, look a certain way, drive a certain car. The concept of climbing the ladder is a pushy energy. Too often it’s being suggested to women that we need to be more like men in order to get ahead. This is why a lot of us are feeling the need to escape the world of organisations. It’s not akin to flow.

There is a divine blueprint encoded into each of us – that is each of us living the lives we are divinely meant to live this lifetime and reaching our full potential in all the areas I’ve been talking about. In your divine blueprint, you will be doing work that you love where you make a positive difference in the world. When you start on the path towards this blueprint, you will find that everything starts to fall into place. All that you need will be made available.

A lot of people say to me “I’m trying to find my purpose. How do I find my purpose? I tell them, “You don’t need to go searching. Purpose finds you!” And it finds you when you are in a state of inner peace and surrender. This allows the Universe to do its work and show you!

• JK Rowling wrote Harry Potter as a struggling single mother while her son was at school
• Dimitri Mendeleev created the table of elements from a dream
• AA Milne came up with Winnie the Pooh when his wife had temporarily left him and the nanny was on leave, and he was left alone to look after his son Christopher Robin.

All these people created their own personal success with what they had at the time. Life will show you, and in the meantime, live your life purposefully.

• Meditate each morning
• Slow down – go at nature’s pace
• Think loving thoughts
• Stay humble – don’t fall into power games
• Let go of anger, resentment, blame and judgement
• If you need to forgive yourself or others, start the process
• Learn to say no – don’t take on anything that doesn’t feel right or stresses you out
• Say this Daily Prayer:

Thank You that today may flow with divine synchronicity, grace and ease.
It works!