Podcast Interview on Quest for Wellbeing

I had the pleasure of joining Valeria Teles of the podcast Quest for Wellbeing to talk about Love, Peace, Happiness and Prosperity. 

Podcast Interview on The Lorraine Murphy Show

I spoke with Lorraine Murphy on her podcast about creating a positive business mindset, Lorraine says:

Today I’m introducing you to one of my spiritual Dream Team, Nicole Bayliss. I’ve been seeing Nicole for years now – I see her for a dreamy, and seriously insightful, combination of tarot and reiki. She works with a lot of other business owners, and I thought she’d be perfect to tackle a major – probably THE most major – issue that I see business owners, but also women generally having: how to overcome a negative mindset. Emma Isaacs once said to me that business is 100% mindset, and I couldn’t agree more with her. So I know that myself and Nicole’s conversation has the potential to game change your mindset. In this episode, Nicole shares: The affirmation she uses to solve problems in her business, Why we should see our businesses as a spiritual healing journey and How we are moving as a collective from the Age of Productivity to the Age of Spirituality.  

Interview with Karen Swain – ‘5 Steps to Finding Love’

Listen to my interview on 99.3 FM about my book ‘5 Steps to Finding Love’, with Karen Swain.

Interview with Karen Swain - '5 Steps to Finding Love'

by Karen Swain | 99.3 FM