Published Books

These books and are available as paper back and eBook:

As well as three published books I have also written some free ebooks which are available below

Free Ebook - 7 Key Universal Laws That can change Your Life

I wrote this book because we are living in a time where we are being called to live in alignment with the Laws of the Universe.

These laws of the Universe are the missing element when it comes to manifesting and the law of attraction.

Free Ebook - Pathway to Soul Connection

The missing link to manifesting a life you truly love is so often soul connection. Before we can connect to our soul we need to know about the fundamental principles.

Know everything you need to know about the soul and to start deepening your connection to your soul with this Free Ebook.

Free Journals

Free Gratitude Journal

The practice of gratitude is the key to stepping out of the vibration of lack, which most of us fall into by default.

By noticing and writing about all that you are grateful for, you put your attention on what you have and not what you don’t have. By being grateful for all that you have, you begin to feel different – full and not empty, bountiful and not lacking.

This very shift in feeling changes your vibration. The feeling of having actually draws more to you to be grateful for!

Free Evidence Journal

An evidence journal is a powerful way to build trust in the Universe.

By writing down “evidence” of the Source at work, you are acknowledging the work of the Universe and storing this information in a journal which you can look back on to remind yourself that you are always looked after..