Embracing the Energy of 2024

29 December 2023

The energy of 2024 is powerful to say the least, both numerologically and astrologically. In this blog post, I’d like to share with you my personal insights on how to thrive during this very auspicious year.

In past years, I have included predictions for the world geographically and politically, but this year I’m refraining from that. With wars going on in many parts of the world, natural disasters continuing and the U.S. election (and many other elections, this is going to be a year where anything could happen. The bigger world picture is going to continue its transformation in whatever way it’s meant to. It is only through each individual here on earth making their own personal (micro) transformation their highest priority, that the bigger (meta) transformation will shift positively.

Last year, 2023, was a number 7 year – it was about focusing on the spiritual, and your inner journey.

2024 Is A Number Eight Year

Let’s look at the numbers of 2024 – 2+0+2+4=8. The number 8 relates to the flow of the Universe and can attract conditions that can bring financial benefits or losses. It’s a good year to focus on your finances, your career or your business, and your ability to create abundance. When it comes to business and finance, it can be a “make or break” year depending on whether you are choosing positive intentions and doing the necessary work, or not.

The number 2 means it is a good year to develop personal relationships. You may need to be discerning with relationships – if there are relationship difficulties, do you work on the problems or do you part ways? If you’re looking for a partner (personal or business), the energy is supportive. It’s also a great time to make new friends or deepen existing friendships. (The two “2s” will be around for another six years, indicating the importance of relationships and healing relationships for the rest of the decade).

The number 4 is all about foundational structures and work. It’s not a year for sitting back, crossing your fingers, gazing at your navel and hoping for the best. Consistent effort will reap rewards! I don’t like using the term “hard work”; rather become aware of giving focussed, sustained attention to working towards your goals. Create a plan, get organised and commit to regular effort.

2024 Is The Year of the Wood Dragon

The Year of the Dragon begins on 10 February 2024 and is the most venerated year in Chinese astrology because it represents power, strength and higher wisdom, and will foster growth, progress and abundance. The element of wood this year promotes vitality and creativity.

You may wish to look into your personal numerology and Chinese horoscope to gain even greater insight into the year ahead for you.

Guidance for 2024

The first key message which I received from my Guides for 2024 is stay centred, grounded and balanced. It’s a term I use often, but be the eye of the storm. The world will continue to change and surprise us. The old structures will continue to crumble and our sense of safety may be challenged. Please remember that true safety and security can only be found from within. 

The second message is balance your masculine and your feminine energies by striking a balance between being and doing. Meditate regularly. One of the greatest rewards that comes from regular meditation is divine right action. This is the action or actions that come about naturally because you are connecting in with Source energy on a regular basis. Ideas, inspiration and inner guidance spring forth naturally as a by-product of meditation!

The third message is aim for balance in all things, because the number 8 energy can be very extreme, pushing you this way and that. Balance doing and being, work and play, being serious and lightening up. Aim to balance your finances! Do not spend what you don’t have. 

The fourth message is become aware of your ego – that part of you that wants to control everything and looks at the world through the lens of “not enough”. The ego is greedy and wants glory and grandiosity and its idea of success is not what your soul wants for you. The ego will keep you in perpetual misery and lead you on the wrong path. It’s through meditation that you will become aware of the ego’s thoughts and urges. If there are people in your life with big egos, create boundaries and don’t allow yourself to be influenced, controlled, manipulated or drained by someone else’s ego!

The fifth message is to become aware of your relationships with children and young people. So often we judge them (“kids these days …”) but they will be the change we wish to see in this world. So be kind, compassionate and encouraging to young people. They’ve been born into a crazy world that they didn’t create!

The sixth message is be willing to take a path less travelled. So often we believe that there is only one way of getting to where we want to go, but in truth there are many. Don’t be so attached to just one way, that you don’t see another. The Universe is constantly offering us shortcuts and opportunities that can be missed if we are not aware.

And the final message is stay aware of Divine synchronicity. People, things, situations and opportunities appearing in your life just when you need that person, thing, situation or opportunity. This is the Universe at work doing what it does best, when you are taking aligned action towards what you want, but also stay aware and open.

In summary, 2024 is a year where you can really move forward, make progress and succeed.

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