The practice of meditation can change your life…

Meditation is key if you want to transform your life. It is something that creates spaciousness of mind and strengthens your Source connection. 

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I have many free meditations and talks available on the Insight Timer app


Insight Timer

I regularly release free meditations and talks on the app Insight Timer. On the app you can find all of the meditations I have released plus be notified when new meditations and talks are uploaded. 

I also hold monthly live healing events on Insight Timer and Instagram

Meditation Series

Nicole has available a series of meditation, which include a series of guided meditations which can be downloaded and taken with you.

Reiki Bliss – Healer,Heal Thyself

Reiki Meditations for Self Practice

Perfect for beginners right through to advanced masters; this series contains meditations to enhance a solid Reiki practice.

Each guided meditation brings you skills to more deeply connect with your own inner knowing and healing power.

The meditation pack includes:

    • 17 Reiki Guided Meditations
    • Meditations for all areas of life including manifesting, healing, physical health, Distance Reiki, sleep and much more.

Soul Potential

Transformational Meditations to Heal and Empower Your Life

Soul Potential is a series of transformational meditations to heal and empower your life.

The meditation pack includes:

    • 12 powerful guided healing meditations;
    • Meditations for healing, starting and ending your day, perfect health, surrender, manifesting, Chakra healing, forgiveness and many more;
    • Affirmations for Conscious Evolution.

Free Meditations

Mindfulness Meditation

This is a simple guided mindfulness meditation to bring you into the present moment. This mindfulness meditation will help ground you and allow your mind and body to connect in with the present moment.