Intensity, Courage, Transformation

06 March 2022

It is a new moon in Pisces today (3 February) and the energies are extremely intense right now on earth. The old paradigm energies are intensifying on a global level, fighting for survival. 

The situation in Ukraine is a perfect example of old paradigm energy (Putin – a megalomaniac) attempting to exercise power and control over others so as to make himself greater. We’ve seen plenty of megalomanics over the centuries – both in the East and West, but humanity will not tolerate this dynamic any longer. This power pattern has been playing out in the world for thousands of years – power and control enjoyed by the few, keeping the majority powerless, but the Aquarian Age is all about equality and freedom. We are n the Chinese Year of the Tiger – the tiger is all about courage and I see no better example of courage than the Ukranian people prepared for hand to hand combat in their own streets.

Extreme weather and natural disasters are showing us that the way we are living is not the way forward. The East Coast of Australia is being battered by storms and flooding. The Australian environment is a very fragile and temperamental one – it is a “land of drought and flooding rains” as Dorothea Mackellar wrote in her poem over a century ago – we’re being shown that we cannot dominate this environment, we’ve got to learn to live with it, and not against it.

And just as events are happening on a global level, it’s happening on an interpersonal level too. Some people may experience this as:

  • Challenges in relationships – such as one person attempting to exert power and control over another, And this is being met with “no, not any more”.
  • Some arguing for their limitations – trying to keep things the way they are, resistant to change, resistant to growth. 
  • Holding onto old grudges, which blocks energy from shifting.

It’s also happening at an intrapersonal level (that is within each individual). For example

  • Internal conflict, with the ego fighting for dominance over the emerging true self.

  • Your soul may be trying to get your attention but your ego keeps you from listening, by keeping you busy “out there” on the treadmill of life, as opposed to connecting “in here”.

  • Your ego can keep putting demands on you with thoughts that begin with “You should” and “You shouldn’t” You should do this, you shouldn’t feel this. You should be further ahead by now.

  • The ego can feed you fearful thoughts, keeping your focus on what’s wrong and not what’s right, what you don’t have as opposed to what you do have

  • The ego gets you attached and gets you wanting certain outcomes in a certain time frame. These are false timelines. The soul self surrenders and trusts that whatever is in our highest good will come to pass. 

Surrendering can be one of the hardest things to do, so if you struggle with it, you are not alone. You can listen to my meditation on Insight Timer “Surrender into Flow if you are struggling with the concept of surrender.

So how do we keep our heart open in a world that doesn’t feel safe or stable? In relationships that are challenging? How do we keep our heart open towards ourselves? 

The answer is acceptance.We are all where we are meant to be, so if any of what I’ve said resonates with you, you’re completely normal. This is the path to awakening. It is normal for things to get magnified, to get worse, before they get better. It is normal to experience relationship challenges on the path to awakening. It is normal to go through inner conflict and turmoil on the path to awakening. It’s normal to fear not having enough. So if that’s you, take a deep and cleansing breath and say:

I accept where I’m at right now.

I accept everything that is happening in my life right now.

I accept the world as it is right now.

I accept how I feel right now.

Acceptance is the only way forward. What we resist persists; what we accept has the ability to transform.

If anything in your life is causing you stress, fear or pain, lovingly acknowledge and accept it. And say the following prayer to the Universe:

I surrender to You this problem or challenge.

I surrender to You my feelings of (name the feelings).

Please fill me with Your Light.

Bring me to a place where all is peace and love,

And show me the way forward.

Thank you.

Then hand it over. Remember that this world is but a blip in comparison to the world beyond. The Universe is the Supreme Intelligence, and when you connect with that Intelligence, you have the power to change your circumstances and transform your life.

The ego will feed you thoughts of lack and take you to a place of fear “I haven’t got enough” or “I’m not going to have enough”. Be aware of this. It’s just thoughts. Thoughts are energy forms and they are not necessarily real.

There are only ever loving thoughts or fearful thoughts. Only love is real.That’s the value of meditation. You find your true power when you are able to observe your thoughts and not necessarily identify with them.

Karma is speeding up – repercussions for our choices are coming back to us faster and faster. This is the Universal Law of Karma. You will reap what you sow.  You can learn by choosing to become conscious or you can learn by making further mistakes. The first option is a lot less painful and will manifest a lot less drama. 

Divine justice is taking place in a greater way than ever before. This is good news.Those who are into manipulation, lies, power and control aren’t going to get away with it so easily now. The energy is too swift. And as more and more people awaken, the light is just going to gazump the darkness. But, be prepared for certain situations to get worse before they get better.

The last two years have been very difficult for many, but we are going to begin seeing the good that will come out of it in 2022. We are living in times of extremes, and so the best thing we can do is to find that still space within us that is not polarised. The world is like a pendulum swinging this way and that. Our task is to be still and find the centre. Let it all happen around you. Be the eye of the storm. Stop looking for paradise out there and find it” in here”. That’s where it is.

Aim to be ordinary. If you’re seeking grandeur, the ego is at play. If you’re seeking fame, fortune, power or status, the ego is at play. Be humble. Don’t attempt to be overly clever. Be you and divine intelligence will come through you. Seek balance in all things. The middle way is the way. Seek to be ordinary. There is much beauty in ordinary.

You are here to master yourself, I am here to master myself. We are not here to be a master over others. The work of meditation is to make us aware of all that is mind and disidentify ourselves from it. When the mind no longer drives us, we are free to choose all that gives us joy, fulfilment and contentment.

You are the master of your life. In the words of William Ernest Henley,

I am the master of my fate,

I am the captain of my soul.

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