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This current full moon is a Supermoon – when the moon is full and is closest to the Earth. In a nutshell, here are the ways you may be being affected:

Feeling highly emotional – full moons can bring to the surface our repressed emotions. If you are feeling emotional – sad, angry, frustrated, hopeless – whatever feeling comes up, embrace the feeling. It’s coming up to be healed, and you can heal it through accepting the feeling and truly feeling it. You’ve got to feel it to heal it!

Feelings of sadness or hopelessness- during a full moon we may feel sad or disappointed about the things we do not have or haven’t happened for us yet. Again, embrace the feeling. Do not judge or beat yourself up.

Old beliefs and patterns becoming more intensified – wherever we are stuck, the situation will become more intensified. This is so that we pay attention. No longer can we ignore it. We are being pushed to transform.

Loss or letting go – we may experience a loss of some kind or have to let go of something. Every transformation begins with a loss. It may be a person, a job, a thing. Or it may be a belief that is no longer serving us. We have to lose something to make room for the new.

Insights – pay attention to your dreams, and to any messages (signs, songs on the radio, inner messages). A full moon can bring inner revelation. For example, I had a mega-revelation yesterday that a particular pattern I am playing out with my son is the same pattern I played out with my mother when I was a child. These insights can be very healing and give us clarity.

Revelation – something may be revealed to us, such as a secret or someone else’s hidden agenda. Things are always revealed to us in divine and perfect timing. Even if the news is bad, accept that it is what it is and that you are meant to know about it, so that you can do something about it.

Inspiration and creativity – moon energy is feminine and creative. Divine inspiration and creativity can flow through us easily at this time. Pay attention to any ideas that come through, and if you are working on a creative project, you will find your creativity flows beautifully right now.

Aligning to purpose – you may feel the desire to do something that is aligned with your soul’s purpose. If this is happening for you, heed the call. This doesn’t mean that you give up your day job – but take a step towards doing what you really want to do. Look into courses and talk to people who may be able to help you.

You can embrace this Supermoon energy by meditating – preferably in the moonlight! Or take a mindful walk in the moonlight, observing without labelling. You could even have a moon bathe! Embrace your feminine “Goddess” energy at this time and enjoy the beautiful silver moon – it is there for your healing. And if you have crystals, give them a cleanse under the supermoon tonight!