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If you’re feeling scattered, that you never get enough done, over-think things or are anxious, you may not be grounded. Many of us are connected spiritually (crown chakra) but not humanly. What is grounding? It’s our conscious connection to Mother Earth, and it’s so very important, because we’re spiritual beings having a human experience. Without grounding, we won’t feel centred or safe, we may overthink everything and we’ll be unable to access our intuition, make effective decisions nor manifest what we want. Groundedness is being centred, in the here and now. It’s the opposite of wanting to “get out of it” or escape (addictions).

Think of it this way. Our light force energy flows down through our crown chakra,  into our hara line (the other chakras) and then into Mother Earth, where it anchors us and completes the circuitry. Without that earth anchor, the qi doesn’t flow effectively and this can lead to mental and physical illness.

These are good ways to get grounded:

  • Walk on the earth with your shoes off – every day if possible
  • Mindfulness meditation
  • Stand in the yoga “Mountain Pose” – feet hip-width apart and feel yourself magnetised to, and supported by, the earth
  • Close your eyes for a few minutes and imagine your feet sinking into the soil of the earth, or imagine roots growing out of your feet or base chakra and descending deep into earth. As you breathe in, draw up the “earth energy” and as you breathe out, see the roots descend deeper.

Once you become conscious of being grounded everyday, you will be amazed by the difference in how you feel and what you achieve.