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The basic premise of meditation is:

Look after your inside world – because it will automatically look after your outside world.

Whatever is happening inside of us will be reflected in our outside world. How can we expect harmonious relationships and events flowing smoothly when inside we feel worried, anxious or in conflict? The more inner peace we feel on the inside, the more this will be reflected back to us in our outside world.

This doesn’t mean that we’re not going to be challenged. Challenges are inbuilt into every life, and wherever we are challenged in our lives right now, is the very area where we are meant to grow. But what we will find when we begin a regular meditation practice, is that the way we see problems and deal with problems begins to transform, because our awareness has expanded. We begin to experience a spaciousness between “us” and the problem. The aware part of ourselves – the “observer” – allows a space between what is happening and our reaction to it.

And this is true personal power – knowing that we have a choice in each and every moment as to how we respond. Our ego mind, the fearful earth-bound part of ourselves loves to react, not respond. The ego mind is fearful, and whenever we react out of fear, or make a decision out of fear, the result of that reaction is unlikely to be in our highest good. When we are in our ego mind we are not conscious. I’m sure you’ve experienced that feeling of being triggered and reacting immediately. At the time it feels really good, but later you regret what you said or did.

Meditation is all about taming our ego minds. The ego mind will always be there, but it’s the higher self that we are accessing when we are meditating. When the higher self begins to take charge, we begin to have more positive control over our lives.

Through meditation, we transcend the limited, fearful ego mind and we tap into our Higher Self, the part of us that is connected the Source.

Many of us still believe that it’s a random world and universe and things just “happen” and are beyond our control. This is the victim mentality. More and more, we are opening up to the knowledge that we actually create everything – some of it consciously, some of it unconsciously. We are far more powerful than what we realise and our thoughts and feelings are powerful creators.

Anxiety is epidemic in our modern western world. Most of us have a constant low-lying hysteria, fed by fearful thoughts and toxic emotions. The more anxious and worried we are, the more we create the very things that we are fearing. Fear is a powerful creator. Through learning to sit with our fear or with whatever comes up, and meet it with neutrality, we find a miracle starts to happen. We no longer feel as fearful. Anxiety – which is a fear of the future – is fuelled by our ego mind.

When we commune with the Source on a regular basis, we access the vibration of love. There are only two vibrations – love and fear. When we are in the vibration of love, we access the Universal Flow and are able to draw to us everything we need in each and every moment. Have you ever noticed that when you feel good, life just seems to flow, problems resolve easily and synchronicities and coincidences happen to help you? Conversely, when you feel anxious and fearful, problems seem to get worse, you can feel disconnected and alone and nothing seems to work out?

We are now entering a new paradigm. In our old paradigm, we created at the Newtonian level. That is, it was all about our outside world. The harder we physically worked, the more we achieved. The Newtonian level was all about doing. The human race is evolving and now entering the Quantum field. The Quantum level is all about being. We are now beginning to realise that we are powerful creators and can create from the inside out. Put simply, the more inner peace, happiness and trust we have – which are high vibrational feelings – the more we attract to us high vibrational things such as loving relationships, opportunities, things and events.

Meditation is key in achieving a high vibration, because it creates awareness, and awareness is the first step in healing our lives. Through meditation, we begin to find out who we really are.

In her book “Everyday Grace”, the author Marianne Williamson talks about the value of meditating in the morning.

At the beginning of the day, the mind is most open to receive new impressions. One of the most important things we can do is to take full responsibility for the power of the morning. If you want to have a non-miraculous day, I suggest that newspaper and caffeine form the crux of your morning regimen. Listen to the morning news while you’re in the shower, read the headlines as you are walking out the door and make sure you’re keeping tabs on everything: the wars, the economy, the gossip, the natural disasters … but if you want the day ahead to be full of miracles, then spend some time each morning with God.”

(Some of us don’t believe in “God” per se, and that’s okay. To me God is just another name for the Divine Source or the Universe or the Universal Energy. It’s really all the same thing.) She goes on to say:

Our greatest weakness is the weakness of an undisciplined mind. We need not let fear steal the morning. We can consciously choose not to allow our minds to be programmed by the worldly viewpoint that dominates the Earth. We can set our day upon another course. Each of us has an inner room where we can visit to be cleansed of fear-based thoughts and feelings. When we begin our mornings within this room, our mind receives a radiance that illuminates our thinking as we go through our day”.

We can use our meditation time proactively. The twenty minutes doesn’t have to be entirely a mindfulness meditation. We can spend some of this time sending love to those we care about and visualising healing light around them, sending love to our workplace, and consciously blessing all those who we are going to be in contact with that day, whether we know them yet or not. And we must remember to include those we don’t like as well as those we do! Because the Universal Law of Cause and Effect means that whatever we give out comes back to us. And then allow yourself to imagine the life you most long to experience. Bless that image and surround it with light. This is powerfully creative.