2023 Energetic Forecast and Predictions

28 December 2022

2023 will be another challenging year for humanity. I’d love to say that things are going to get better, but on a global level, things may get worse. Everything that’s happening on Planet Earth is a manifestation created by the mass consciousness. Remember that you are pure consciousness and by raising your vibration, you are making a positive contribution to the world out there. 

But there’s also some very good news, so please read on! The predictions in this blog are based on my intuitive channeling and tarot reading for 2023. I’m also going to share with you a broader overview based on numerology, astrology and Chinese astrology, and how to move and work with the energy of 2023.

Just remember that we are moving from an old paradigm into a new one, from Age of Pisces into Age of Aquarius and we are going through the necessary birthing pains. We are moving into a world that puts humanity and the planet first and not the economy. It’s already starting to happen and we will continue to see it happen. But as the light gets brighter, the darkness fights back even harder. If you find yourself feeling fearful, turn to the Light. 

Everything that is happening now and this coming year is all as it is meant to be. It is a necessary part of the process of transformation for humanity. And if you are going through personal challenges – and we ALL will be challenged in one form or another – that is also as it should be. The earth is transforming, our world is transforming and we as individuals are being pushed to transform. Keep the focus on you and not the world out there. Rumi wrote:

“Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I’m changing myself.”


The War in the Ukraine will continue and I’m being told there’s certain things we are not meant to know at this time. However I do see a movement towards peace and resolution (not WW3)  – and the energy of the sacred feminine is going to have a lot to do with this.

Inflation and interest rates will continue to rise – in Australia, NZ, USA, Canada and Europe. The world economies won’t be doing very well – there’s probably going to be a worldwide recession but this is a necessary part of global transformation. This means there’s going to be a lot of “fear and lack” energy out there in the world, but you don’t have to buy into it. Your thoughts are powerful. Just because others are in fear and lack does not mean you have to fall into the same vibration. Become aware of the messages you are getting from the media which can be fearful. One of the things we must keep learning about is “thought over form”. We are the creators of our reality.

We will continue to see Universal Justice for unfair treatment of black people, women and minority groups. The light will continue to shine on those who are oppressed. Equality is an Aquarian value that will keep on pushing us to see and to change.

In Australia, we will achieve The Voice to parliament for the indigenous people of our land. It is time and through this, healing will take place for our country and everybody in it. It’s not just the indigenous people who need this; we ALL need it as we are all carrying karma from the past.

The passing of Queen Elizabeth II marked the end of an era. King Charles marks the beginning of a new era. The British Monarchy is going to become very popular because it is willing to change with the times. This is King Charles’s time to shine. He is  passionate about the environment. He is a man for our time.

Australia and China will continue having dialogue in 2023 which will improve relations, and this will have a positive effect on both countries.

One prediction I rarely get right is Covid – so please take in what I’m going to say about Covid with openness and curiosity – but appreciate that I’ve made mistakes before so this may not be correct. I’m willing to have one more stab at it! Covid 19 will still be around in 2023 and there will be more waves, however, the longer it is with us, it will weaken, and it will wear out its ability to mutate.

There will be more environmental disasters – in particular, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes and floods. There may also be bushfires in parts of the world, but I’m not getting that there will be any serious bushfires in Australia in 2023; it’s more likely to be flooding. All these events are Gaia rebalancing Herself and pushing us towards the changes that we must make.

The Universal Law of Challenges deems that challenges will affect everyone in any lifetime – and that is because challenges contain many lessons. They are healing opportunites that, if we embrace them and are willing to learn from them, they upgrade us. You can learn more about the Universal Laws in my book The 25 Universal Laws.

And now for a little good news …

2023 is a Number 7 year for the world – Number 7 is all about spirituality. It is an opportunity for deep personal transformation and to raise your vibration higher. In fact, challenges may push you to surrender and be open to answers and guidance from The Source. In The Bible, we are told “Seek first the Kingdom of Heaven”. This means “Go to the Source first. Do not seek the answers on the earthly plane.” 

The sacred feminine energy is coming in BIG TIME from March 2023. On a global level we are likely to see a greater willingness to connect between religions and doctrines. And we may also see the opposite. Those who want to remain separate will become even more separate and extreme. At the very core of all religions are shared beliefs and values. Every religion and every ancient text really is the one conversation – The Bible, The Quran, the Bhagavad Ghita, the Torah, the Kabbalah, the ancient Greek philosophers, the Gnostics, the Mystics – at their very core they are all one and the same. There is no separation, we are all One, as I’ve said many times when I talk about the Age of Aquarius. There’s going to be a greater tendency to look at what we have in common – whether it’s religions, races or cultures – as opposed to how we differ. And from that commonality we can heal relationships.

On a personal level, all those on the spiritual path will reap the rewards of their spiritual growth this year. You can embrace the 7 energy by committing to daily inner practices: meditation, prayer, quiet contemplation, journaling, affirmations. 

“The spiritual life does not remove us from reality, but leads us deeper into it.

Henri J.M. Nouwen

If you are wanting to commit to the spiritual path this year and therefore deepen your life,  you can subscribe to my newsletter here too. I will continue sending my Monday Magic emails and holding my free monthly live events that are written specifically for those on the spiritual path who are wanting to awaken and heal their lives.

It is a year to get in touch with your “observer” self – observe, question, reframe. Observe your thoughts, question your perception – is it coming from fear or love? Are you perceiving through your wounded self? Or through your ego? If it’s coming from either place, reframe it from the lens of love and abundance.

Any thought that’s not helpful, drop it! Any feeling that doesn’t feel good, feel it, acknowledge it and then let it go. Be in the Now. Drop the past. Drop the old programming and low vibrational beliefs you have about yourself and about life. Drop the over-thinking ego mind that distracts, disrupts and diminishes. Drop the mind’s propensity to create problems and drama. You are the Creator creating. You are connected to love and  light – the Ultimate Power. You may find my book A Shift to Bliss helpful if you’re on the path to awakening.

In Chinese Astrology, we will be in the Year of the Black Rabbit from 22 January. The Yin Water element associated with the color black represents sensitivity, intuition, and the way of inner peace. The Water Rabbit Year promises a period of rest and reflection after the dynamic Year of the Tiger. It’s a year where the hard work or sacrifices of the past will pay off. Old efforts shall finally bear fruit. This is the Law of Karma. And the sweetness of the fruit is determined by the purity of the heart’s intentions. Businesses with good intentions to help humanity or the planet will reap the rewards this year. Businesses with ill intention will experience the karma of that. The rabbit is the fertility symbol – so it’s a good year for those wanting to have children or who want to give birth to a creative idea.

Astrologically, there are two very significant events happening in 2023. The first and most significant is Saturn in Pisces. Saturn, the planet of structure and the earthly realm is moving into Pisces in March 2023, and will remain there for two and a half years. Pisces is the sign of spirituality, intuition and the metaphysical. This is wonderful news. It’s about the spiritual blending with the earthly and practical, the masculine and feminine. So your intentions are going to be more easily manifested from March 2023.

On a global level, science and spirituality are going to be merging more. There may be greater acknowledgement by the “earthly powers that be” of the value of energy healing, spirituality and prayer. We may see greater acknowledgement of the Universal Laws and the Law of Attraction, that is the power of intention, the imagination and words. 

Corporate organizations may be embracing more healing practices such as meditation. We may see schools also incorporating meditation and encouraging imagination more. On a personal level it’s about blending the practical (discipline) with the spiritual. So it’s a good idea to create a plan for your spiritual practices, a structure to follow. Or you may want to go to a temple or a meditation class or church or whatever that is that appeals to you. It’s an energy that is very supportive for creatives, for artists, for healers and anyone cultivating their spirituality. Healers and artists may have an easier time in business in the coming few years. 

The other significant astrological event is Pluto going into Aquarius from March to June (and then next year to enter for a full 20 years). Aquarius is the sign of the mind, innovation, technology and equality. Pluto is the planet of power and transformation. Be prepared for some amazing innovations and technologies that will help humanity as well as more uncovering of mysteries such as quantum physics. There may also be a power struggle between the dark and the light – when this energy is embraced with light, it will be amazing. If however it is embraced by the darkness, we will experience the shadow side – artificial intelligence, and discoveries and innovations not for humanity’s highest good, but the highest good of the Old Guard who want to cling to power and control.

I do believe however that with the energy of 2023, the light will prevail. 

Five key words for 2023

These are the five key words that came through in my reading:

Discipline – discipline is a very Saturnian energy – it means bringing structure and organization into your life, and being a number 7 Black Rabbit Year, to bring discipline into your spiritual practice. Don’t make it an “As and when” thing. Make it an essential and important part of your day.

Serenity – serenity is inner peace. When you have inner peace, you’re far more likely to have clarity. Meditation and prayer is the best way to obtain serenity. Find time to be still and quiet.

Clarity – It’s hard to make decisions or to know your way unless you have clarity. The best way I know to gain more clarity is to meditate.

Prudence – to be prudent is to be careful and to have good judgment. To look before you leap, to consider and think things through before acting. To make calculated risks, as opposed to just taking a risk. When you meditate regularly, you become more intuitive, more in touch with yourself and the Universe. From this will come a very organic and natural prudence.

Enthusiasm – follow your heart’s desires whenever and wherever you can. The heart’s way is the way to your Soul Plan. There is a Soul Plan for every one of us and it is unique and it is perfect for each of us. Explore your passions because that is where your purpose lies. Whatever you feel passionate and enthusiastic about, make time for that. You are worthy of it.

So how do we embrace this energy that is 2023?

1. Make your inner journey your HIGHEST priority this year. Create a daily practice of meditation, prayer or whatever it is that keeps you connected to The Supreme Intelligence, Seek first the Kingdom of Heaven! Strengthen that relationship and everything else will be OK. It will all fall into place. 

2. Accept the What Is. The more you resist, the longer it will persist. This is the Universal Law of Acceptance. Notice when you see something, read something, are told something or experience something. Do you judge it? Good. Bad. Terrible. Wonderful. Notice your judgment. Return to neutrality and remind yourself in that present moment “All there is is love”.

3. Be in the now. Notice when your thoughts are in the past. Drop it and come back to now. Notice when your thoughts are in the future. Drop it and come back to now. The now is where the power is. There is no positive power in the past and there is no positive power in the future. Now is all there is. If you’re not fully here now, you’re not in your full power. Being at peace in the now clears the past and creates the ideal future. Now, now, now.

4. Be willing to question your mind and to change it. The mind is powerful. The more you meditate, the more spaciousness of mind you will have, and you will be able to observe your thoughts and question them. This is key to your transformation.

5. Drop all judgment. Judgment of yourself, judgment of others, judgment of circumstances. Judgment clouds the mind. Judgment blocks the heart chakra and love. Judgment is resistance. Become aware of when you are judging. Drop it. All there is is love.

6. Become aware of desire. The ego mind’s nature is to always want something more, because it believes there is always something wrong or missing.or not enough. It feeds you thoughts of fear and lack. It feeds you thoughts that you’re faulty and not good enough. “I need this”, “I have to have that to be happy”. It is the ego’s constant desires that are pillaging our planet. Become aware of “desire thoughts”. Observe it, drop it and come back to nothing. All there is is love. Rumi wrote “The desire to know your own soul will end all other desires.”

7. Appreciate the good in your life. If it means not watching the news, so be it. Be discerning of the company you keep and the places you frequent. Keep your vibration high. Practise gratitude for all that you have. This year more than ever we need to do this as there’s going to be a lot of “fear and lack” vibes “out there”.  Drop feelings and thoughts of guilt that say “I shouldn’t be enjoying my life when there’s so much suffering out there”. Actually, you MUST enjoy your life. You owe it to the world. You’re not lowering the level of suffering by denying yourself joy – you’re actually adding to the suffering. By creating a life of joy and gratitude, you’re raising the vibration of the whole.

8. Listen to your heart. Your heart doesn’t want you to be super-busy and stressed. The heart has its own mind. And it’s not the ego mind. The heart is the pathway to the soul – and the soul is the still small voice that cannot be heard unless you take the time to be still, quiet and go inward. Meditate on your heart chakra. Acknowledge your own heart daily, because the heart is the way.

Wish you love, serenity and joy in 2023!


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