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Soul Elevation Session

A Three Hour Group Healing Session

These sessions are tailored to specific themes and are held throughout the year. The sessions have been created to give you guidance, insights and a Soul Upgrade in a group healing situation, so as to elevate you to achieve your desires.

    Price (inc. GST) $85.

    Meditation Evenings

    A Two Hour Group Meditation Evening

    These popular meditation evenings are regularly in my living room on a Monday evening, each one with a different theme, but also one common theme – awareness. The evenings include a spiritual teaching, a mindfulness meditation, a body awareness meditation and a guided healing meditation. A vegetarian supper is included.

    Cost $50.

    Reiki 1 Workshop

    A Four Hour Workshop

    Internationally recognised certification.

    Reiki is not only a healing technique, it is a spiritual journey and can bring about profound shifts.

    Reiki Degree 1 is the foundational level of the Reiki system and can bring many positive changes to your life. At this workshop, you will learn all about Reiki, its origins and how to use the Reiki energy on yourself and others for healing purposes.

    You will be attuned to the Reiki degree 1, and from this your senses and intuition will become more heightened, bringing greater awareness into your life, your choices and your environment. Greater energy will flow through you from this point forward.

    At this level, you will be able to bring health, balance and relaxation to your body and others’, calmness and clarity to your mind and joy and harmony to your being. Includes Reiki 1 Manual.

    $320 group workshop

    $380 1-1 workshop.

    Reiki 2 Workshop

    A One Day Workshop

    Internationally recognised certification.

    Reiki Degree 2 is the practitioner level of Reiki and will significantly increase your Reiki healing power. At this workshop, you will learn the three sacred Reiki symbols, and how, where and when to use them.

    You will also learn the many different kinds of Reiki treatments, how to manifest and heal past and future using Reiki, how to send distant Reiki and all you need to know to become a Reiki practitioner. Includes Reiki 2 Manual and lunch.

    $450 group workshop
    $550 1-1 workshop.

    Reiki Master Workshop

    A Two Day Workshop

    Internationally recognised certification.

    For Reiki practitioners who are ready to commit their lives to the higher good as well as teach Reiki, the Reiki Master level focuses on health and healing on the spiritual soul level and the teaching of Reiki. We are given the two final symbols and explore further the shift that is taking place in the world. We also learn about:

    • Advanced chakras and auras
    • Emotional and spiritual causes of illness
    • Reading the body with Reiki
    • The seven planes of consciousness
    • The teaching of Reiki and how to give an attunement.

    Your healing vibration will expand to the highest wattage of light.

    This is a two-day course which is held over two Saturdays and includes a manual and lunch.

    $750 group workshop
    $950 1-1 workshop.

    Pendulum Magic – Dowsing Workshop

    A Half Day Workshop

    Dowsing, or divining, is a powerful way of getting in touch with the Universal Source and receiving guidance. This workshop focuses on teaching the correct use of a pendulum. From here we can access amazing information, such as:

    • Direct answers to our questions
    • Making the best decisions
    • Information on our health and our chakras
    • Healing using the pendulum
    • Guidance on achieving our success
    • Information on past lives
    • Correct use and ethics.

    Includes a manual with divining charts and a crystal pendulum (selection available).

    $220 group workshop
    $280 1-1 workshop.

    Learn the Tarot Workshop

    A one day workshop that includes two follow-up practice evenings

    Have you always been fascinated by the Tarot? There are many myths out there about this mysterious tool of divination. The Tarot speaks a Universal Truth and when we use it with good intention, it is a tool that can tap into the Super Conscious and provide us with divine guidance, answers and healing.

    Learn the secrets of the Tarot, the meaning of every suit and card, the various Tarot spreads and how to read the Tarot for yourself and others. Gain greater access to your intuition and allow the Tarot to speak to you. Heal yourself and others through this tool of divination. A manual and lunch is provided on the Saturday workshop. This workshop is highly informative and will expand your intuitive abilities – and it’s a lot of fun!


    $450 group workshop (inc. GST)

    $550 1-1 workshop (inc. GST)

    $40 (inc. GST) Full Deck of Ryder Waite Tarot Cards.