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The most important relationship you will ever have is with the present moment. Are you creating conflict between your inner and outer worlds? Are your thoughts and feelings in opposition to What Is? This is an inner state of war. For many of us, life feels like a battle or a struggle, because it is the ego mind’s nature to resist the present moment – it wants to take us to the past or the future, or to run from the present moment – anything except be fully present here and now and accept where we are and what is happening. The ego mind has a constant agenda, often in opposition to the What Is, particularly if we are feeling challenged. How many times a day do you unconsciously say to yourself “I don’t want to be here?” Sometimes we can and do walk away from situations and people that aren’t good for us, but some situations and people we cannot leave, and nor do we have to. Difficult circumstances and people are an invitation from the Universe to deepen into the present moment and practise acceptance. When we can see every moment as chosen by us on a soul level and fully accept whatever is happening right now, we align with the present moment and work with it and not against it. Everything that is happening in our lives is actually in our highest good – whether we label it positive or negative. Have you ever had something happen that you label as positive :

He asked me to marry him – that’s positive
I lost my job – that’s negative

Only to realise that in hindsight it wasn’t:

The worst thing I ever did was marry him!
If I didn’t lose my job I wouldn’t have started my own business

Acceptance is a very powerful vibration because it neutralises what is happening. And it’s not what happens to us or doesn’t happen to us, it’s our relationship to what is happening, that determines our happiness and future positive outcomes. We cannot heal or change what we don’t accept. Often, the very switch from resistance to acceptance resolves the problem, because resistance IS the problem.

Accepting our feelings

If we are feeling, sad, lonely, angry or negative, we must accept that is how we feel. If we are feeling that there is no way we can accept the present moment, then we accept that! From the position of acceptance, we allow the feelings to be there. If we don’t accept the feelings, we deny and repress them and they stay with us, snowballing into stuck energy that re- create situations that re-trigger those feelings.
From fear to love

From the space of acceptance (non-resistance), we alter our vibration from fear to love, and neutralise our vibration. You could liken this to switching from acid to alkaline. The very vibration of acceptance (love) can effectively solve a problem, because from this place our perspective changes. Attempting to solve a problem from the place of resistance (fear) will not effectively solve any problem in the long-term. This is because we will be making choices based on fear, and choices based on fear will not create outcomes in our highest good.

The lesson is more important than the outcome

The Universe knows that learning the lesson behind a challenge is more important than us achieving our desired outcome. When we accept, and even embrace, a challenge, and do what we need to do to get through it, it ceases to create future challenges that would have been created had we not fully learned the lesson by embracing it. We all can have a vision for our lives and desire outcomes, but it is only through accepting all the lessons on the way to creating our desires, that we actually achieve them.

If you keep resisting and refuse to learn the lesson from a challenge, it will keep showing up in your life in different forms

You may have heard the saying “Wherever you go, you take yourself with you”. If we are resisting a lesson, we will be blaming other people and situations, feeling sorry for ourselves and victimised. This is a sure way to stay in a problem. Have you ever noticed that certain themes or patterns keep showing up in your life? This is because you are still in resistance to the real challenge that is being presented to you – which is acceptance and non-judgment of the What Is. This is a further reason to accept and even embrace that particular challenge when it comes. When we learn to accept, the challenge will begin to dissipate out of our life. When we learn to see our challenges as our friends, and not our enemies, we will embrace our true path.

Acceptance doesn’t mean agreement

The ego mind gets very attached to a point of view. If someone says or believes something we don’t agree with, we can follow our ego and go into battle with the person, or we can listen to our True Self and accept their point of view. Acceptance doesn’t mean agreement. If we fail to manifest an outcome that we have worked towards, we can resist it and feel frustrated and angry about it, or we can accept the outcome we received, learn from it and attempt it in a different way. If someone chooses to criticise us, we can choose to resist the criticism and get defensive, or we can choose to accept the criticism, run it by our own inner guidance system, take from the criticism what is useful to us, and let go of the rest. Conversely, when we receive praise from others, we can do the same thing. The ego LOVES praise and positive feedback, even if it isn’t true! This is how we get “whisked off our feet”, charmed and blinkered by charming people who are not necessarily our friends.

When bad things happen to good people

Undesirable challenges face many people. It is these big challenges that test the human spirit to transform at a deep level. When bad things happen, it is normal to feel victimised and angry. It is normal to desire revenge. The last thing we want to do is forgive the perpetrator of a crime done to us, or to forgive God or the Universe for inflicting on us something terrible. In these circumstances, the ego mind will be challenged like never before. However, these events were chosen by us on a soul level – not on a conscious level – as a vehicle to awakening. The pain of these events pushes us to awaken, because awakening is the only way we can transcend the pain.


When something “bad” happens, no amount of logic and reason is going to bring inner peace because at the earthly level, none of it makes any sense or seems fair. It is only be viewing these events from a higher perspective that we can extract any meaning out of them. If we remain seeing the situation through the earthly lens only (the ego mind), our pain will only increase and our sense of victimisation will grow stronger, creating a vibration that will attract even more negativity. Alternatively, if we can view what happened as a soul choice – that our soul chose to go through this experience in order that we expand and become greater, we are on the path to acceptance and forgiveness. We must embrace all the emotions that arise from the experience. It is normal to feel feelings like grief, anger, despair, hopelessness, abandonment and even a desire for revenge, and we shouldn’t push these feelings away, but rather accept them, feel them and allow them to be there. We don’t need to act on them either, because history has continually shown us the result of the ego mind’s reactions – further karma, which is the re-creation of a similar vibration returning to us.
Forgiveness is acceptance, not approval. It is letting go of resistance and it is one of the most difficult things a human being can achieve because the emotions of hatred and revenge are very powerful, and forgiveness requires us to open our hearts, and to not judge the offending person or circumstance. Hard work indeed!
We may not like what was done to us or what happened to us and we don’t have to think it was okay. To forgive, we accept what happened and we accept our feelings, and then, when we are ready, we consciously choose to let go of all negative emotions we hold around the event or towards another person. Most of us have struggled to forgive at some stage in our lives. It is not uncommon for parents who have lost a child in tragic circumstances to feel they cannot forgive God. It is also not uncommon for a person who felt betrayed by another to stay feeling angry and vengeful for years. Forgiveness is a process and it is not one that we can fake. Our ego mind may try and tell us otherwise, but we can only know we have fully forgiven when we no longer hold any negative emotions or feelings of revenge towards others or events.

Forgiveness transcends karma

The mastering of forgiveness is the most powerful process we can undertake in this lifetime, and if we master it, we will transcend all earthly karma. Karma is all that we create from our energy field. If we are withholding forgiveness, we will keep creating situations that will challenge us to forgive. It is normal for the ego mind to desire justice if we feel victimised or robbed, but the True Self knows that there are valuable gifts in everything that happens to us, and that our awakening is more important than any of our human earthly attachments and desires.
As long as our ego mind is in control of us and demands justice, we will block the natural Universal Justice that exists. Paradoxically, it is only when we have released any desire for revenge that Universal Justice flows forth and balances karma.

Acceptance Meditation

Sit and breathe, accepting the present moment. Now think of a challenge you struggle to accept.
As you think of each of this :
• Feel the feelings and just allow them to be there
• Drop the story and focus on the feelings
• Feel any physical sensations that come up in your body
• Feel and sense this physical sensation or sensations
• Does it have a shape. a texture, a colour?
• Does it move or stay in the same place?
• Is there anything it wants to tell you? – don’t worry if you don’t get an answer.
• Ask to be cleared of all blocks to acceptance and forgiveness
• Ask to receive the valuable lessons and insights in divine timing
• Ask to be divinely guided in our thoughts and actions (divine right action) going forward
• Send white light – washing away all resistance
• See the word “acceptance” imprinted into every cell of your body
• Breathe into your heart and feel love and compassion for yourself