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Most of us are familiar with the Law of Attraction which is the concept that “like attracts like”. The more you think about something, you draw it to you. The more you visualise something or talk about it, you draw it to you. This is a metaphysical law. We can implement this law by many means:
• writing an intention for ourselves
• creating a vision board
• saying affirmations to affirm the vision
• using our imagination to envisage what we want.

Not feeling your vision – the key to the law of attraction is not just thinking, speaking, writing or imagining but FEELING. Feeling is the key. The feeling creates a vibration, so if you imagine something until you are in the feeling place of it, you will draw it to you much more quickly than if you just think and talk about it. You’ve got to be as if you already have it.

Not detaching – if you stay attached to your vision or goal, you’re not letting go and allowing the Universe to do its work. Hold your desire lightly in the palm of your hand; don’t become obsessed with the destination. Get on with life and what needs to be done now, and do it to the best of your ability.

Impatience – the Law of Attraction takes time, and we must allow time for the Universe to orchestrate our desire, and surrender to divine timing, not our ego’s timing.

Wanting – The Buddhists tell us that “wanting” creates suffering. It’s true. There’s a difference between intention and wanting. Intention feels optimistic, patient and trusting. Wanting is based on lack and the thought “I can’t be happy until I have what I want”. Practising gratitude is the perfect antidote to wanting. By appreciating what you already have, you feel abundant, and not lacking.

Allowing your ego mind to rule – the ego tries to work things out in a practical, linear way which is limited. It forces, it controls, it pushes and it tries too hard. This is all opposite to the Law of Attraction! The ego mind will create sabotaging thoughts that tell you you’re not doing enough and it will create worry and anxiety and internal misery. The ego mind doesn’t TRUST! To get your ego mind under control, try a regular mindfulness meditation practice.

Not trusting – if we’re not trusting, then we are disconnecting from the Universe. The Law of Attraction requires us to trust. It’s a two way street with the Universe. We trust; it delivers. We don’t trust, it doesn’t deliver. Say to yourself every day “The Universe has my back, and wants for me what I want” and “That which I seek is also seeking me”.

Low Self-Worth – if you feel deep down you’re not worthy or deserving of something, you won’t ever be able to receive it. Make self-love and self-worth a high priority! Look at yourself in the mirror every day and tell yourself “I love you” and “I am worthy and deserving of (name your desire) “

Lack of gratitude – whatever we are grateful for will expand in our lives. Gratitude is one of the most powerful vibrations there is. The more we give thanks, the more we are sent to give thanks for. If we have no gratitude, then we will be in the vibration of lack and We CANNOT create from that vibration. Write in a gratitude journal daily and list at least five things you are grateful for; they don’t have to be big things, or make a list in your mind every day of all that you are grateful for. The Law of Attraction will only work for us when we appreciate.

Envy – envy is a toxic emotion based on lack. The Law of Attraction is blocked by toxic emotions. If someone you know has something you want, they are here to show you that you can create this too. It wouldn’t come into your field otherwise. If you find yourself feeling envious, acknowledge the emotion and then consciously wish the other person well. Think and say “I am so happy for you!” and mean it. Remind yourself that this person has come into your life to inspire you and show you that you can have this too. From this place, you will draw your dream to you. What you wish for yourself, also wish for others.

Lack of forgiveness – not forgiving yourself or others will make it difficult for the law of attraction to work in your life. Hurt, anger and resentment are toxic emotions which create a low vibration that stops the good from coming to you If there is anyone you need to forgive, start the process today by saying “I am willing to forgive (name the person)” and send them love and light. Do this for yourself too. Forgiveness is a process, so be patient and compassionate with yourself.

Conditioning from our parents and society that create self-limiting beliefs –the truth is that we are all pure potential, and we ALL have some self-limiting beliefs about abundance, money, love and our own abilities in general. Every challenge you experience is in your life to challenge a self-limiting belief. Sometimes we cannot see our own self-limiting beliefs. I recommend reading my book A Shift to Bliss – The 7 Beliefs that Limit Love, Happiness, Peace and Prosperity – it will shine a light on any self-limiting beliefs you may have. https://nicolebayliss.com.au/a-shift-to-bliss/

Old wounds and past traumas that create fear and self-limiting beliefs – if you know you are holding old wounds or traumas that are still causing you emotional pain, this will be putting the brakes on the Law of Attraction, so seek healing with a healing professional and free yourself. It is the best investment you can make.

Not being present –the ego mind focuses on the past and worries about the future. This drains the present moment and the present moment is all there is! We’ve got to be present to see the signs and synchronicities and seize the opportunities. Every present moment is laden with opportunities. Even though we have an intention for the future, we must be fully in the now. That way we enjoy the journey on the way to our destination. Mindfulness meditation is a powerful way to become present, and work with the Law of Attraction.

Getting disheartened by challenges – some people have the misguided belief that the Law of Attraction creates a path of simplicity and ease, but the truth is that you WILL be challenged on the way to getting what you want. EXPECT challenges – life is a series of them – but see them as an opportunity for growth. Find a way through them or around them. Let go of frustration, accept the challenge and ask yourself “What am I meant to learn from this challenge?” When you get the lesson and resolve it, you won’t be faced with that challenge again, and you move closer towards what you want.

While seeing a life coach, counsellor or other healing professional is always a good move, iA Shift to Blissf you really want something, don’t give up! Henry Ford told us “whether you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re right”. Decide now that you CAN and you WILL. Visualise regularly having the thing you want until you are in the feeling place of it and give thanks in advance to the Universe for creating it for you. Most importantly, choose to be peaceful and grateful now, no matter what your life looks like. Happiness isn’t conditional; it’s a choice. Stop obsessing about the destination, get present, do your best each and every day and enjoy the journey until you get there.