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Mention “space clearing” to some people and they will give you a look that says “So you’re one of those …”. The concept of energy is foreign to some people who over-identify with the physical realm and the tangible, and yet many of these same people experience the “inexplicable”. Many years ago, when living in London, an old maternity nursing home was pulled down in my suburb. It was reported in the local paper that the builders heard the screams and moans of women as they knocked the walls down. These builders were not your new age hippie kind, but they were experiencing an esoteric truth – places are affected by the energy of people and events.

This is great news if where you live or work has positive energy – but if where you live or work has negative energy, you will be affected by it. Perhaps you are sensitive to energy – have you ever walked into a room of people and felt you could “cut the atmosphere with a knife?” or worked in a place where everyone seemed moody or miserable? Conversely, have you ever been in a place where you feel instantly lighter and freer? This is all due to energy.

What creates negative energy patterns in places?

The people who live or work in a place affect the energy of it. If someone is holding a lot of “toxic” emotions, they will affect the energy of the place and this will then begin to infect the other people who live or work in that place.

Places are also affected by the events that take place there, or have taken place. Spaces can hold onto the energy of an event for a very long time after it has happened. Violent acts and murders are an example of this. A little while ago I was asked to clear an old apartment where the resident had been experiencing a series of negative events. As I walked up the stairwell of the block, I felt a dark energy engulf me. I asked my client on arrival if she knew of anything sinister that had happened in the block. She told me that a violent murder had happened there a few years prior to her moving in.

Port Arthur in Tasmania is an interesting case study on energy. I first visited this place with my family when I was 10 years old and I felt an eerie gloominess the whole day we were there. The guide told us about the harsh and miserable conditions for the inmates in the early 1800’s, some of them only young boys who’d been transported from England for such crimes as stealing a loaf of bread. Years later, the notorious mass-shooting of innocent families took place there. When I heard this awful news, it somehow did not surprise me because a negative event or events can create an energy pattern that keeps re-creating a similar energy pattern.

What exactly is energy?

If you’re not sure what I mean by energy, I am referring to the very foundation of all creation. Albert Einstein said that “Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it”. Put simply, all that atoms contain is energy. Everything is made of up of energy – people, animals, trees, rocks, water, buildings as well as intangible things such as thoughts and emotions. Thoughts and emotions create energy patterns.

Water is particularly sensitive to emotions, as proven by the Japanese scientist Dr Masaru Emoto who recorded the reaction of water to positive vibrations such as the words “Love” and “Gratitude” and classical music. The water formed beautiful crystals. When exposed to negative vibrations such as the words “Hate” or “Hitler” or heavy metal music, it would not form a crystal.

You may have heard of lay lines – lines of energy that run across the earth. In Europe, churches are traditionally built where lay lines intersect – not because the Christian church wanted it so, but because churches were built over earlier places of worship such as temples. Earlier religions knew what lay lines were and where they were. The Freemasons also knew about this knowledge. In America, The Pentagon, The White House and other key early buildings were built on lay lines because most of the American founding fathers – George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and many others – were Freemasons. The same is the case in Australia. Our old government house is built on a lay line as are Hyde Park and many of the early buildings in Sydney. Governor Lachlan Macquarie was also a Freemason!

When is it necessary to clear space?

Whenever you feel a place is draining you or affecting your physical energy and/or emotions. Such places may be:

  • Any place where there has been conflict such as an argument
  • Any place where negative events are taking place or have taken place
  • Anywhere where energy feels foreign or uncomfortable such as a hotel room or new home
  • Anywhere that you find energy-draining, but have to be, such as a stressful work environment.

How do you clear the energy in a space?

Energy responds to one thing and one thing only. Consciousness. Our conscious intention can clear energy! And there are a number of ways of doing it, but whatever way we choose, it’s important that we feel connected to our Source energy (whatever that means to you – perhaps it’s God, or Angels or simply the Universe).


You can either stand or sit in the place you wish to clear, or you can visualise the place from a distance. Say:

“I command that all negative energies, negative vibrations, negative thoughts and negative emotions leave this room/office/space now. Thank You. So be it.”


With your hand or a feather or a laser light, draw a figure eight (or the Reiki power symbol if you’re attuned to Reiki 2) on every wall and in every corner.

For more heavy duty clearing, use a sage smudge stick, or sandalwood or sage incense stick.

Other tools that clear energy effectively are singing bowls, bells and lavender. A few drops of lavender essential oil on a cotton wool ball placed in each corner of a room will keep the energy clear.


Visualise white light filling the place you wish to clear, and visualise the figure eight or the Reiki power symbol on each wall and in the corners.

You can take space clearing a step further – particularly for your home – and create a sacred space with a house blessing.



  1. Bathe, dress for the occasion
  2. Clear yourself energetically, by asking to be filled with white light
  3. Decide your intention, such as “to clear out all negative energies, and to fill this home with love, peace and light and all that promotes good health and prosperity”.

On a tray, place some items that represent the things you want, for example: a rose (for beauty and purity) a bowl of rice (for creativity/fertility) a lit candle (to bring in light), a crystal (for healing energy), an incense or smudge stick as well as any tools such as a bell or singing bowl and a feather.


Take the tray with you as you walk around your home. Stand in the centre of each room, ground yourself and breathe.

  • Say I now request the powers of Divine Light, Divine Blessings and Divine Source to safely release, remove and dissolve all negative energies and imprints in this room. I now send cleansing energies to purify and dissolve all negative energies and imprints with white and gold healing light to this room.
  • Go around circumference of room – Use Figure eight/Reiki symbol/bell/bowl
  • Open cupboards and clear with bell, bowl, feather or lavender.




May the Creator within all things bring blessings and peace for all the members of this household. May this home be filled with joy, laughter and love. Please fill it now with healing energy and all that supports good health and abundance. Thank You. So be it.

When you have completed all rooms, place the tray in a central area of your home and allow the candle to burn all day.


You will need a stone, a permanent marker and an indoor plant. On the stone, write your intentions for your home and place this stone in an indoor plant. Every time you water this plant, you water your intentions!