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So you’ve decided what it is you want and have created a vision statement or vision board and a loose plan for how it is you’re going to get there (and I have purposely said “loose” because the Universe works in mysterious and wonderful ways and doesn’t always deliver our desire to us in the way we expect it to) and you are visualising, until you get to the “feeling” state of having your desire on a regular basis. This is all great and then, without warning, something happens that totally turns your positivity and high expectations to hopelessness and negativity.

Perhaps a great lead came your way and it was taken away from you, or someone said something that dissed your dream, or you feel like you’re walking through mud to get anywhere. You begin to say to yourself “perhaps the Universe is telling me I’m not meant to be doing this” or “I’ve been kidding myself, “they” were right” or “this should be easier”.

But the truth is, rarely does anything that is highly desired fall into someone’s lap. Many people who have done great things have had challenges and failures on their journey to getting to where they wanted to be.

“Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm” said Winston Churchill. High achievers get to where they want to be because they stay determined about their vision and don’t give up.

Bill Gates shared with us that “People tend to overestimate what they can do in the short-term and under-estimate what they can do in the long-term” – I think I shared this in my last post – but it’s very significant. If we hold unrealistic timescales, we are setting ourselves up to fail. We must allow the Universe time to orchestrate our manifestation.

Challenges are going to come along and test us on our way to our dream, so begin to change the way you look at challenges/problems. We tend to see problems as something we don’t like; something we must meet head-on and go into battle with. Begin to change the way you look at problems as:

  • something neither good nor bad (it may even be an opportunity in disguise)
  • an opportunity to learn and grow
  • something to allow and be curious about.

Your experience of life is how you view what happens to you. You can view a situation as a problem or an opportunity, and many problems can be resolved with a change of viewpoint. Albert Einstein told us that “problems cannot be solved with the same mindset that created them”. Loosen up your thinking, take a “big picture” approach and investigate what you need to do to step over them, through or around them. There are no accidents. Know that the challenge has presented itself for a good and positive reason. Ask yourself “What is the gift here?”

The Universe likes to challenge us. “Just how much do you want this?” it is asking you. If you have the willingness to face the challenge, you will be rewarded. Challenges are going to happen to us whether we stay where we are, or choose our own unique path. Face that there are going to be times when you feel disheartened. When this happens, take a deep breath, shake off the negative feelings and re-focus back on your vision board or statement. Ask yourself “What is it I need to learn right now?”

Do all that you can to gain a sense of emotional relief, even if it’s just the thought “I’m being challenged right now and I’m not sure what to do, but I’m on my way to figuring it out”. Remember everything is a process!

On my own journey to fulfilling my life purpose, I have had many challenges – disappointments, time when I have felt like I’m standing still and not moving forward, setbacks and delays. When this has happened, I’ve asked the Universe to send me a sign as to what I’m supposed to do next. It’s never failed me. Signs come to me all the time. In my letterbox one day came a marketing card with the words ‘STAY DETERMINED” written on it (that was a few years ago and I’ve kept it), or someone has said something to me that has answered the question I needed answered.

Staying determined about your dream means having faith – trusting in the Universe that it’s behind you and that you are fully supported in your mission. If we lose faith, we give up. Remind yourself of the positive things you’ve achieved so far and the positive results. Give yourself a pat on the back each and every day for what you’ve achieved – really praise yourself ! Without self-belief, we’re not going to last the distance. As Henry Ford said “Whether you think you can or think you can’t, you’re right”.