Transformational Meditations to Empower Your Life

Fourteen powerful guided meditations and affirmations to assist you in healing every area of your life and embrace a stronger spiritual connection. These meditations will help align you to your soul and awaken to the truth of who you really are.

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Guided Meditations for Transformation

Soul Potential is a series of transformational meditations to heal and empower your life. These are powerful guided healing meditations to assist you in embracing the truth of who you really are and to help you to trust more and worry less.

You really are the most important person in your life; you deserve to be happy, well, abundant and successful. These meditations are designed to assist you in accessing the power within you.


Soul Potential Offers a Collection of 14 Powerful Healing Meditations, Affirmations and the Talk 'Embracing Flow'

These meditations can assist you in every area of your life. They include:

  • Begin Your Day
  • End Your Day
  • Embracing Presence
  • Forgiveness
  • I am Pure Potential
  • Kundalini and Heart Activation
  • Self-Forgiveness
  • Surrender Into Flow
  • There is a Solution to Every Problem
  • You are Always Safe, you are Always Loved
  • Perfect Health Meditation
  • Presence, Intention, Surrender
  • Simple Mindfulness Meditation

This series also includes affirmations for conscious evolution and the talk Embracing Flow.


What people have said about Nicole's Meditations

"Your guided meditations helped me go through very tough times and bounce back."

- Sam, United Kingdom

"After doing the Kundalini and Heart Activation meditation I feel much more grounded in my heart chakra. Definitely going to be doing this meditation often"

- Lisa, United States

"So calming and uplifting! Thank you"

- Katie, United States

"The Begin Your Day Meditation is a wonderful, brief, but powerful meditation for centering oneself and for connecting with oneself and the Universe at the start of a day"

- Scott, United States


Are these the same as your meditations on Insight Timer?

Many of these meditations I have released on InsightTimer and some have not been released. One of the reasons I am re-releasing this album is that I know many people would like to be able to access these meditations on their phone or computers without having to always have the app available.

How do I access the meditations? Can I put them on my computer or phone?

Absolutely, when you purchase Soul Potential you are given access to my online course platform where you can download each meditation and add it to your phone or computer. You can also stream them directly from the online course platform, which works on your phone too!

Meet Nicole.

I am a spiritual healer and teacher and I am here to assist others on their journey to soul awakening and creating a life they love.

My own life challenges became a vehicle to awakening and realising my purpose and potential. We are all here to awaken and align to our soul's truth, expanding into our full potential in love, peace, wellness, purpose and abundance.

Through my meditations, books, online courses and talks, I am here to share what I have learned and assist others on their journey to awakening.

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