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As we near the end of 2014, perhaps you are reflecting on the year you have had – the challenges, the gains and the losses … and thinking about what 2015 holds for you.

Remember that you are a creator and that you have the ability and power to manifest what it is you desire, as long as you are willing to let go of any limiting beliefs, and that what you desire is in alignment with your highest good and the highest good of all.

Follow the sacred ritual below to start 2015 intentionally!
Before New Year –

Write down the best things that happened for you in 2014. Be in gratitude and give thanks to the Universe for these things. Get into the feeling state of gratitude.

And then write down the worst things that happened in 2014 – disappointments from others and any mistakes you feel you have made, and reflect on them. Ask yourself:

“What was my lesson from this experience?”
“In what ways have I grown because of it?”.

List the lessons and the ways that you have grown personally. Be in gratitude (yes I realise this can be challenging!) and say the following prayer for Divine Compensation*:

“I realise that everything happens for a reason. I fully own my mistakes and I am willing and open to take in all the lessons that I am meant to learn. I forgive myself and others*. Thank you for the opportunity to grow and become more, and for delivering to me my Divine Compensation*”.

If you wish, burn this list, indicating to the Universe that you are now fully letting it go, clearing the past and inviting in a new beginning.

* Divine Compensation is what the Universe sends us as our reward when we fully learn a lesson and grow.
* Forgiveness does not mean that we say it’s okay that we were wronged; forgiveness is a conscious choice to let go of a wrong done to us and our own toxic emotions around it, and move on.

Write a list of everything you wish for yourself in 2015 and then ask yourself the following questions:

“Is it OK to have it?”
“Do I feel deserving of this?”
“Is it in my highest good?”
“Is it in the highest good of all?”

If you reply no to any of the above questions, examine the misalignment and explore any negative beliefs you are holding. Thank the Universe in advance for these gifts, and let the Universe know that you are willing to clear and heal any limiting beliefs that are blocking these things coming to you. Put the list either in a Miracle Box*, amongst crystals or bury it in the garden to “grow”. Be sure to find it at the end of 2015 and review how your creation skills have come along. I have just read my list from last year and could see that my biggest challenge last year was actually necessary in order to create my number one goal. I had to have something stripped away from me, so as to let go of a limiting belief and achieve my main goal. So there’s a lesson in not judging what happens to us as good or bad – in hindsight, the big picture reveals itself to us!

Happy New Year to you and may 2015 be your best year ever.