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Rest is not idleness, and to lie sometimes on the grass under trees on a summer’s day, listening to the murmur of the water, or watching the clouds float across the sky, is by no means a waste of time.
– John Lubbock

Something that has become more and more apparent to me in my own life and in the lives of the people I see is that true prosperity lies not just in money, but in having time to just “be”, enjoying a sense of wellbeing and connecting in a meaningful way with those we care about. Of course having money IS important – we live in a world that operates on the exchange of money, and many of the things we want are only available to us by spending money. The problem arises when we falsely think that money will be the answer to all our problems, and when we believe that “I’ll be happy when I have $xxxxxxx in the bank”. But how long is a piece of string and just how much do we need to have in order to feel secure? True financial security comes from trusting that we have the means within us to manifest all that we need and desire as and when we need and desire it! The greatest block I see in people is being able to trust that we will be provided for.

Our core beliefs and resulting emotions create the lives we are living. If we hold such beliefs as “You have to work hard to earn a living”, “I’m always scraping by”, or “I have to do this job, otherwise I can’t afford to live”, then the outcome will be just that. But when we become aware of these beliefs and are able to loosen up our thinking, we can start to create new beliefs and we free ourselves from the chains we’ve been locking ourselves in. Because the truth is that we are meant to be doing what we love to do – that is our dharma, our purpose, and if we are willing to trust in the Universe, it will reward us with all that we need.

If you’re worried about debts, paying the bills or staying in a job you dislike, here’s a few things you can do to begin the shift that’s needed:

  • Do a daily gratitude list, to remind yourself of what you already have, instead of focusing on what you don’t have (including aspects of your job)
  • Create a payment plan for your debts and stick to it
  • Do something for yourself every day that feeds your soul and is free – spending time in nature is always healing
  • Say the prayer below:

Dear God / Universe,

I dedicate to You my talents, abilities and finances. May the work I do be a blessing on everyone and give and bring Love, Peace, Prosperity and Light, and may my work be lifted to its highest possibility, as a blessing on all the world.

Thank you.

Surrender, and let the miracles unfold!