The World is Changing on a Profound Level...

Which is why I want to share with you my new online course where I reveal the Universal Laws that can change your life

 I have completed the course. And wow! It was just what I needed. Thank you

- Lee, Course Participant -


Reset to Love, Peace and Abundance in Challenging Times has been specifically created in 2020 to meet the challenges that are currently facing every individual in some way or another.

We are living in challenging times, but these times are an opportunity for transformation at a profound level. We are being called to change and let go of old ways of being that no longer serve us - ways that are out of alignment with the laws of the Universe.

In this course I share with you the 20 Universal Laws that changed my life, and I know can change yours.

When we live in alignment with these Universal Laws we can create the life we want - knowing the way the Universe operates and living in alignment with it. When we shift our way of being and understand how these Laws operate, we open up to peace, love and true abundance.

When you understand the Universal Laws and apply them to your life, your life WILL change for the better.

I want to share this knowledge with you...

This Course Includes...

Reset to Love Peace and Abundance on desktop, iphone, laptop and tablet.

Seven Video Lessons
Seven video lessons teaching the concepts of Universal Laws and how they can change each area of your life

Personal Journal Process
You will be given a series of journalling exercises to help integrate at a deep level each day's lesson

Affirmations Practice
I share an affirmation practice along with pages of affirmations to live in alignment with the laws of the Universe

Six Guided Meditation Practices
In addition to the lesson each day you will be given a powerful guided healing meditation to help you experience these changes.

Daily and Weekly Practices
I also share with you my personal daily practices that align you to the power of the Universal Laws

Revisit When Needed
Revisit the course when needed to redo the meditations or journal exercises.

Are you ready to learn the power of the Universal Laws?


Course Overview

The course is a 7 Day course which will guide you through day by day the Universal laws and ways you can integrate them into your life.

Love on sand

Day 1
I share with you spiritual insights of moving from fear to love in this time of great global transformation.

Day 4
I show you how the power of the Universal Laws can work with you to generate health and healing.

A photo of the earth from space

Day 2
I share with you the 20 Key Universal Laws, one by one and how they operate.

Day 5
I share with you the secrets of having all of the time you need to do the things you want to do - with the Universal Laws.

Day 3
I share with you the biggest Universal Truth that so many of us don't realise about abundance.

Day 7
I share with you the powerful daily and weekly practices and rituals which will continue your alignment to the Laws long after the course ends.

Wonderful! Included all the best parts of our one-on-one sessions in one spot.

- Susie, Course Participant -

Reviews for Reset to Peace, Love and Abundance

"I loved listening to Nicole...and loved her words washing over me and her amazing meditations. The course has been so helpful"

- Victoria, Course Participant

"The course was insightful, powerful and practical."

- Annie, Course Participant

"The course was comprehensive - a lot of valuable information in one place."

- Susie, Course Participant

Start the Course Today

Reset to Love Peace and Abundance on desktop, iphone, laptop and tablet.

This course is worth over AUD$1500.

But I want to make this knowledge accessible to as many people as possible so I am pricing it at AUD$129. For this price, you get:

  • Seven days of video lessons
  • Six guided energy healing meditations
  • A Journal and Reflection Process to embody this profound knowledge
  • Affirmations, Daily and Weekly Practices, and