The ego is that part of you who looks at the world through a fearful lens and convinces you that what you see, think and feel is REALITY! But a negative reality is created by the fearful ego mind and will continue to be created until you gain awareness of it and no longer identify with it. Then a new reality can be born – one that is full of love, abundance and peace.

We can only gain awareness through presence, and the best way to become present is through meditation. The more you become aware of your ego, you no longer need to identify with it. Your ego is reactive because it is fearful. The Ego is a victim – it blames, it criticises, it’s needy, it’s defensive. 
It tries to control life from the outside – other people, situations and outcomes. The ego thinks first and speaks first.

If you begin a regular meditation practice, you’ll begin to acquire a “spaciousness” of mind where you become AWARE of your reactive ego self, and that you don’t need to respond from the ego. Ego reactions only create further drama, fear and chaos. Through meditation, you become aware that there is a much greater you – the True Self. This Self is connected to the Source and thinks, speaks and acts in love. Love is the vibration that will heal your life – and it’s the ONLY vibration that will heal your life

Through meditation, we connect to the Source – “Seek first the kingdom of Heaven” . Our True Self is connected to the Divine Matrix, the All That Is, God, Universe, Source (it’s all one and the same) – we are a part of it and it is a part of us. It is from this space that we can create miracles. So don’t wait any longer. Don’t let your ego mind tell you that you don’t have time to meditate, because nothing could be further from the truth. Start now! 20 minutes a day, preferably in the morning, every day. Do not be concerned if your mind is crazily busy when you first begin to meditate – that is normal. Sit with it, breathe and observe. Don’t meditate haphazardly. Make a regular time each day, set the alarm on your phone for 20 minutes and do it! You will begin to notice the difference in your life sooner than you think.

There are some great mindfulness meditations on the free app Insight Timer. I’ve posted some guided healing meditations on Insight Timer, as well as a talk you may find helpful.