Presence, Intention, Surrender

03 March 2019

Living life intentionally is a powerful way of living, and yet the very energy of goals and forward-thinking can take us out of the present moment. The most important thing in this lifetime is for us to learn is presence. The simple art of being right here, right now in this present moment.

The more present we become, the more aware we become and the more intuitive we become. This leads to divine right action in the present moment. So presence is what creates our ideal future, because when we’re fully present we are instinctively choosing divine right action in the moment.

If we’re not present, we won’t be grounded, and when we’re not grounded, we’re scattered – scattered thinking, scattered actions. We’ve got to be grounded in order to manifest our earthly desires. We’ve got to connect to the Earth so that the Earth can give to us. Grounding feels good. When we’re grounded we’ve got greater focus because our mind is quiet.

Presence can seem like the opposite of making plans, setting goals and thinking about the future. “Being” can seem like the opposite of “doing”.

But actually there is no real opposition, as long as we make PRESENCE our priority. In presence, we can DO. In presence, we can make plans for the future. In presence we can visualise our desires, list our goals and begin working towards them. And in presence, we will do it all very effectively. We get tripped up when we prioritise the vision and the goals BEFORE becoming present. This is what leads to ungroundedness. It leads us to not be here because we’re already “over there” in the future. And so the present moment is drained. And then we’ll be feeling like we’re in lack because we’ll be over-attached to our future dream which we haven’t got yet. And we won’t be enjoying the present moment which is all that we have.

There is nothing wrong with desiring certain things. It’s human nature. But beware the ego mind, which can have you convinced that a certain thing will make you happy. How many times have you manifested something you really wanted only to find it didn’t fulfill you or you realised that it also had negative aspects? Because, believe me, EVERYTHING that you want will have both positive and negative aspects to it, so it’s wise to become aware of them before drawing your vision to you. For example, you’d like to find a life partner. All relationships are wonderful, until they’re not! You will have challenges. If you want something, by all means, visualise it, ask for it but also SURRENDER. The act of surrender means you surrender your desire to the Universe by detaching from it.

“I surrender this to You. If it’s in my highest good, thank you for making it happen and if it is not, thank you for sending me what is ultimately for my highest good”.

The Universe knows far better than you do what will fulfill you, and so often it has much greater plans for you than you do for yourself!

As humans, we are innately creative and we are here to learn how to create. But as the Buddhists tell us, the greatest path to misery is “wanting”. The very energy of wanting creates a sense of lack. It’s ok to desire something, as long as we feel happy and whole right now in this present moment. Desire tips into wanting when we don’t feel happy with what we already have. That emptiness creates wanting. And wanting will only create one thing. More wanting!

So how do we balance staying present AND hold our intentions for the future?

  1. Meditate each morning – when we meditate we are effectively communing directly with God/Universe. It’s our direct line. That communion will provide all you need. I don’t know of any other way of experiencing presence that is more powerful than by meditation. To really gain the benefits of meditation, you need to do it every day. Like going to the gym, one session won’t make a difference, but do it for 30 days and there will be a marked difference. And just like the gym, you may not like working out, but you do it because you know it’s good for you. Meditation is the same. Commit to it. Ignore the ego’s protestations. I suggest morning because you will experience the benefits from that meditation all day AND because, just like exercise, if we get it done first thing, it’s likely we will do it. If we put it off till later, it’s far less likely we will do it.
  2. Practise gratitude – if you’re not grateful for what you have now, you’re not going to be grateful for what you create in the future. Chronic lack is created by the ego mind. By default, we slip into it. We must proactively counteract it by practising gratitude regularly. List either on paper or in a journal or in your mind all that you are grateful for today. It’s very difficult to manifest anything from a vibration of lack. It’s like planting seeds in barren soil. You’ve got to plant the seeds in fertile soil. You’ve got to feel rich to create rich!
  3. Work towards your goals with calmness and serenity –  take action towards your vision but go at God’s pace. Not a crazy pace. Do what you can comfortably do today and what you cannot do today, do tomorrow. Don’t set yourself false timelines that create stress. To be in the Universal Flow, you need to feel peaceful, spacious and calm. Remember what Bill Gates said – “People tend to overestimate what they can do in the short-term and underestimate what they can do in the long-term”. Surrender your dream to the Universe, and realise that it’s going to take as long as it takes.
  4. Have another short meditate or pray before you begin working each day – ask to be supported and guided in all that you do, so that it feels easy and flowing.
  5. Follow your bliss – If you’ve got a to-do list, choose the tasks that feel the most joyful to do today. Let go of the ego-mind “shoulds”. What you feel inspired to do you are meant to do.
  6. Follow the path of least resistance – if you have a difficult day or period where certain tasks feel blocked, leave them alone for a while. Take a breather. Take a walk in nature and come back to them later when you’re feeling clearer and less frustrated. Sometimes you need to leave things alone for a few days and get on with other things. And sometimes these blocks resolve themselves without any interference from you!
  7. Surrender any blocks – when you get to the tasks that you feel disinclined to do, surrender them to the Universe. “I surrender this task to You. Please help me.” Break the task down into small bites. You’ll be surprised how it then becomes easy! Decide that you are going to enjoy doing this task, like Mary Poppins. In every job that must be done, there is an element of fun. You find the fun and snap the job’s a game. Try it. It works!
  8. Let go of the idea of multi-tasking – there really is no such thing, because we can only ever do one thing at a time. Juggling creates unneeded stress and can unground you. Let your mind focus on one thing at a time – you’ll do the job much better because you won’t be wasting energy jumping from one thing to another.
  9. At the end of every day, sit quietly for a few minutes – review all that you have achieved, and I don’t mean just “work” stuff. Your life consists of everything. Getting up, cleaning your teeth, meditating, exercising, choosing your clothes, cooking, cleaning, eating, going places, taking the garbage out, giving kind words to others, helping a family member or friend. Just take a minute or two to realise ALL that you achieve in a day and give yourself a loving and appreciative pat on the back. Giving gratitude to yourself in this way takes you out of that lack mentality that most of us fall into where you only notice only  what you DIDN’T get done today.
  10. Finalise and let go of work each day– no matter what your work or what your goals are, have a cut-off time each day, where you finalise and complete today’s tasks. Anything that you wanted to get done but couldn’t, put it on the to-do list for tomorrow. Stop looking at your phone and emails from, say, 7pm or whatever time works for you. Create a time that is your relaxation time, and don’t allow work/vision/goals to enter into it. Relax and be present. Focus on enjoying yourself and doing something you love. This is your daily reward.
  11. Cultivate trust – we’ve probably all heard the catchphrase “The Universe has my back”. It’s true! But many of us don’t experience this because we don’t trust. Trust is a two-way street. We’ve got to trust the Universe for it to have our back! Last year I gave everyone at Meditation Evening something called an Evidence Journal. What you do with an evidence journal is that you write in it every time you are shown a miracle, every time something goes your way, or works in your favour. So you’re accumulating evidence that the Universe is on your side. We all go through times when we’re in fear and we stop trusting. But if you’ve kept your evidence journal, you can read through it during these non-trusting times and be reminded of how often the Universe has looked after you. These reminders will change your vibration from fear to trust. And eventually you won’t need your evidence journal anymore because you will have built a solid foundation of trust.

We are all naturally creative. That is who we are. We are here to create by using thought over form. We are here to learn just how powerful we are. We are worthy and deserving of creating our desires. Creating something different to what we have now, requires that we still appreciate and are content with all that we have now, even if we want something different. That’s the paradox.

Presence and Intention aren’t opposites. They are, in fact, the two necessary components to creating your ideal life.


All I have right now is all that I need.

I am so grateful for all that I have right now.

From little things, big things grow.

I have all the resources within me right here, right now, to manifest my dreams.

I surrender my dreams and I trust in the Universe.

I live my life at God’s pace.

I love my future plans and dreams, but I also love the now.

The now is the field of infinite possibilities

Now is all I have.




“I surrender to You my vision, my hopes and my dreams. I surrender to You all doubt, mistrust and fear. Thank you for manifesting all that is in my highest good in Divine and perfect timing.”

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