My Predictions for 2022

16 December 2021

These predictions are based on my own intuitive readings and also on numerology. 2022 will be a year when many things are going to get better, but some things may get worse. The themes that are coming through are:






I am sure you would agree with me that the years 2020 and 2021 have been extremely challenging years, and yet they have also opened us up to new possibilities. People and organisations were being required to change like never before, and many of the changes made in these years will remain with us, because we realised that they work better for us than what we had before. We have learned many important lessons from the pandemic and experienced new possibilities. The holocaust survivor Viktor Frankl wrote:

“When we are no longer able to change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves.” 

It’s a good idea to contemplate how you HAD to change in the last few years in order to get through it. That is the gift. That is what the Universe wanted of you. Covid 19 came in for a reason and I predict that the virus will dissipate in the year 2022,, if not disappear entirely.

The Earth is changing, the world is changing and the changes are happening faster and faster. We are being required to change, and change quickly. We are transitioning from an old paradigm into a new paradigm. Every challenge in our lives is a reflection of something that is no longer working for us. What worked for us, say five years ago, isn’t necessarily going to work for us now. 

In 2022, be willing to let go of all that no longer works for you, all that is non-essential, peripheral, outdated and of no use.

It is time to ask yourself what you REALLY need and to let go of the rest. This means letting go of things, excess, situations and even relationships that do not have a positive purpose in your life. It means to simplify and also to examine and let go of thoughts and old outdated beliefs that are stultifying you. 

The numbers 2, 2 and 2 add up to the number 6. 2022 is a number 6 year. Number 6 is all about family, friends and community. It is a great year to focus on healing family relationships, on forgiveness and on doing the inner work to heal yourself and to set yourself free of old wounds and grudges. The shadow side of number 6  is that if we do not put enough focus on our relationships with our loved ones, our families and our friends, then certain relationships may become even more conflicted or possibly end. This is applicable to personal, professional and political relationships. Conflicts in families and in relationships may be magnified in 2022.  Old wounding and traumas may present themselves as a healing opportunity. But this year, you will reap the rewards of making the effort, and also of previous efforts, towards healing relationships.

On a local level, we will see communities co-operating in ways that serve everyone, and a willingness to share individual gifts and talents to help the whole. The help we offer should not involve us sacrificing our own needs in any way; but rather giving out of the joy of giving; giving what we can but not at cost to ourselves. This is a very important aspect of the energy we are moving into – no more martyrdom, no more sacrifice. Those still putting others before themselves will face karmic situations to wake them up and embrace more self-love and self-worth.

On a global level, we are going to see a greater willingness for world co-operation and the desire to work as a global system to help humanity and the planet. A willingness to communicate and negotiate will happen between many countries, but not all of them. Where there is conflict, that may intensify.  Illegal immigration, that is people seeking refuge, will continue to be an issue and may get worse before things get better, but more communication around solutions is likely to be happening too.

222 is an angel number that signifies hope and spiritual growth. In 2022, ask yourself “Am I willing to grow and expand?” If the answer is yes, then you are embracing the energy of 2022, for this is a year of expansion. We are only ever expanding or contracting. Consider in what ways you want to grow this year. Is it spiritual growth? Is it becoming a more loving person? Is it starting or growing a business or an interest? Is it growing a deeper commitment to yourself and becoming more healthy and happy? 

You are here to live your best life, to create a life you love. The more you are willing to expand, the more your frequency will ascend. And you will be supported when you make choices that expand you and your world. You don’t have to live on a matrix of fear, scarcity and limitation, no matter what is happening in the world. You can live on a matrix where you feel peaceful, inspired and at one. This is the New Earth, The Golden Age. Some of us are already living in it, some of us are on our way there – we may be in it at least part of the time but not all of the time,, and some are still mostly existing down there in the basement of fear. The power is within you to pull yourself out. And only you CAN pull yourself out.

More and more, we are being required to get out of victim consciousness and become aware – aware that all our experiences are creations that began in our own mind. This is not deliberate; much of our created reality comes from our subconscious and not our conscious mind. The journey to releasing ourselves from victim consciousness must begin with accepting the truth that we are the creator of our reality, and the bigger reality out there has been created by the mass-consciousness. You can use your consciousness to create a better world for yourself and for others. 

Over the past two years we have experienced many restrictions, but none of these are as great as the restrictions our own mind places on us. Be willing to let go of your own restrictive beliefs and thoughts. You are free to choose your thoughts and your beliefs, and that is where your true power is. Pretty much every book I have written is based on this premise. Your life reflects every belief you have. Change your beliefs, change your life.

2022 may be a year of extremes – extreme weather, and more natural disasters. The tornadoes that have just happened in America (December 2020) are totally shocking, tragic and unusual. Tornadoes normally happen in the Spring, not in December. We may see more floods and fires, earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. This is the earth re-balancing itself, just as it did with the previous bushfires, floods and other natural disasters, and reminding us to live in alignment with Gaia. The earth is the master and not us. Each of us is being called to action. It is a year to act, and not just talk. You may feel a need to join a demonstration ,create or sign a petition or to take actions that support your values and beliefs such as choosing to recycle, choosing glass or metal over plastic, or choosing an ethical investment over a non-ethical investment. Making conscious choices that take you towards the world you want, and not away from it, puts you in alignment with the energy of 2022.

There are still massive challenges that we as a collective are facing, and if we don’t embrace change, we are going to suffer. The planet is suffering, and it’s suffering because of our industrial age and age of productivity thinking. Over-consumption by first world countries is at the root cause of global warming. Each of us as individuals needs to cease consuming what we really don’t need.

Many people will be taking action in looking for solutions to our current world problems. Creating sustainable products and looking at new sustainable ways of being. And money will flow to those who seek to solve these problems. And more and more governments will be supporting these business ventures; they will also be introducing carbon taxes to encourage us to buy more sustainable products.

In 2022, technological advancements will flourish, but at the same time we may experience disruptions, interference and foul play through technology. So we will be experiencing both the positives and the negatives of this Age of Technology.

There will be political conflict in the world in 2022 and leadership changes are highly likely. There may also be constitutional changes in the USA. The United States is going through a major transformation, and this will affect the rest of us. Throughout the world, more and more corruption will be revealed – political and social – it may be upsetting, but not as upsetting as it not being revealed. It’s been there a long time – it has to be revealed before it can be dealt with and transformed. 

Human rights issues will also continue to be thrown into the spotlight. Women, racial groups and minority groups will continue to demand equality and respect. This is all part of the spiritual awakening of the world, and the need to let go of old and toxic cultures that are based on domination, greed and deceit. Truth, justice and equality will continue to emerge and expand in 2022. 

On a financial level, we may see inflation and interest rates going up. Financial stress may force some to re-think how they live and to do it differently. The Great Resignation – that is, people choosing to no longer work in the traditional sense, and walking away from organisations – will continue as people wake up and choose to be true to themselves and to work differently. Purpose and calling, as opposed to work and career, will become more important for many people.

All these changes are a part of the shift from the old paradigm into the new paradigm. In some way or another we are all going through the birthing pains. So trust in the process and in the words of Rudyard Kipling, 

“If you can meet with triumph and disaster

And treat these two impostors just the same.”

Because let’s face it – sometimes a disaster turns into a triumph and sometimes a triumph is actually a disaster. If we can learn to look at what is happening in the world with neutral eyes and maintain our inner peace, then we will contribute to a world of peace. And we must remember the words of Sun Tzu:

“In the midst of chaos, there is also opportunity.”

So in 2022 I strongly encourage you to keep the focus on you. Meditate. Commit to the process of loving and healing yourself as well as healing your relationships. If purpose is calling you, take a step towards that. And no matter what is happening, turn to the light. As each of us awakens and realises our true power, the light in the world just gets brighter. 

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