Lion’s Gate occurs on 8/8 and is a cosmic alignment which occurs every year, when the Earth aligns with the centre of the galaxy and opens a portal between the physical and the spiritual realms. This is a wonderful opportunity for all of us to bring the spiritual into our earthly experience. That is what we are here to do – to create Heaven on Earth! This window of opportunity may be experienced by some as a crisis, an ending, or traumatic events. The Universe is giving us a shake-up. For others it may be the overwhelming feeling that we are no longer in alignment with certain aspects of our lives. Wherever we are out of alignment with our soul, we will experience heightened challenge and discomfort, because we are being pushed to become more conscious. For many, our dreams may be more vivid and hold strong messages, and those who are healers or sensitive to energy, may physically experience the waves of energy that are being beamed to us right now.

If you are currently experiencing challenges, surrender to them and trust that they are a necessary part of your journey to awakening. Lose the fear! We must transition from fear to love.

How do I let go of the vibration of fear and allow in the vibration of love?

Close your eyes and focus on your heart chakra. Feel into your heart and breathe in and out. One of the most powerful ways of transmuting fear into love is by reciting the ho’Oponopono prayer.

I’m sorry

Please forgive me

I love you

Thank you.

Love is the only power that heals, and the only vibration from which we can make choices in our highest good. Choices made out of fear will not lead to fulfilment; choices made out of love will always ultimately result in fulfilment. It’s as simple as that. Love creates all things good. And this is where trust comes in.

How do learn to trust in the Universe?

Start with this affirmation:

“I trust that the Universe is on my side and is forever propelling me towards my highest good”

It’s true! The Universe wants to support us, but it cannot support us if we’re not trusting in it. The vibration of fear negates Universal support. The Universe will always support us if we make choices in our highest good and the highest good of all.

Keep an evidence journal. Write down every time your wishes have been answered, every instance that things have turned out well, every time you receive a gift from the Universe. When you fall into the vibration of fear, look through your journal to remind you that you are always being looked after.

Here is a wonderful YouTube link to the ho’Oponopono song and an explanation of ho’Oponopono.

Sending you Love and Light,