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You can cut all the flowers but you cannot keep Spring from coming.– Pablo Neruda

I love this quote, which is a reminder that we are all in a process (which we may not even be aware of) and it is taking us to a more enlightened state. Everything we are currently experiencing is exactly what we are meant to be going through in order to bring self awareness and growth. If we can see our lives from this point of view, it allows us to go with it, as opposed to resisting and wishing things could be different or stay the same. This is how we get “stuck”. In other words, the more we “go with the flow” and practise acceptance, the more open we are to life’s lessons and growth. Learning to be able to do this can be challenging. Just as we may be struggling to accept our outside world, we may also be struggling with accepting and loving ourselves. In fact, our resistance to what is is merely a reflection of our relationship with ourselves.. So many of us (myself included!) berate ourselves when we feel unable to be in the flow. But this is where the process must begin – with ourselves.

The Shift which happened in 2012 is Earth moving from the 3rd Dimension into the 5th Dimension. We are evolving at a fast rate. The changes that are happening around us and to us are sweeping us all towards this evolution, whereby we remember our true power – that we are all co-creators with God. Because we are in this process of change, sometimes you may feel that you know this, and other times you forget and slip back into victim mentality. 

Whenever you feel that you are struggling with yourself or with issues, reconnecting with the Divine brings you back to where you are meant to be. The following prayer can be helpful.

Dear God / Universe,Today I feel I am struggling with my circumstances and with loving myself. Please help me to forgive myself and realise who I really am. Please flood my mind with Divine perception, that I may see through the veil of illusion. May the Light of Love shine deep within my heart and extend through me to love and bless the world. Thank You.