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Healing Meditations & Affirmations with Nicole Bayliss.

Audio file type: MP3
Total download file size: approx. 142 MB

Recordings included:

  1. Introduction
  2. Who You Really Are
  3. Infinite Abundance – Chakra Cleansing
  4. Allowing in Love
  5. Perfect Health
  6. Manifesting Your Ideal Future
  7. Affirmations Introduction
  8. Affirmations on Life Purpose
  9. Affirmations on Love
  10. Affirmations on Success
  11. Affirmations on Time
  12. Affirmations on Wealth
  13. Affirmations on Wellness


PLEASE NOTE: Downloading MP3 files should only be performed on your computer due to limitations in the operating systems for some tables/smart phones to save these file directly to these devices.