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Christmas can be a fraught time of year for many of us – particularly if we have lost a loved one, have experienced a break-up, are experiencing financial hardship or have difficult family members to deal with

… or all of the above!

Whatever our issues, Christmas has a way of magnifying them – be it positive or negative. Here are some quick and easy healing tips to help you enjoy the festive season.

  1. Look after yourself before you take care of anyone else. The better you feel and the more energy you have, the more able you are going to be to cope with whatever Christmas throws at you. Look after your liver if you’re drinking more than usual by drinking lemon juice and warm water first thing every morning and hydrate regularly with water. I know I go on about meditation a lot, but if you can meditate for even five minutes a day, you will feel a difference. 20 minutes is the ideal.
  2. Stay mindful. The energy on the roads and in the shopping centres is frantic leading up to Christmas. By being fully present and imagining a bubble of white light all around you to protect your own energy you won’t get caught up in the craziness.
  3. Be the eye of the storm. If you have difficult family members to deal with on Christmas Day, imagine being “the eye of the storm”. You don’t have to be a part of the storm! You can be the still, calm eye of the storm.
  4. Spend less and focus more on experiences and the senses. Studies have shown that happiness levels have little to do with spending more or having more. Whether or not you are financially constrained, you will find that by focusing on beautiful experiences (an outing to see the Christmas lights, decorating a Christmas tree while listening to your favourite music, mindfully preparing a Christmas meal with love, deeply engaging with loved ones) and focusing less on “stuff” (expensive presents, organic ham, turkey and champagne that cost a week’s wages!), your Christmas will be a rich one.
  5. Change traditions. If you have experienced the death of a loved one, a break-up, a divorce or any form of loss, Christmas can be a dreaded time of year. Realise that Christmas doesn’t have to take the form it always has. You can create whatever kind of Christmas you feel will help you through the season. If you are alone, plan something to treat yourself – it doesn’t have to be Christmassy – or help out at a soup kitchen. Don’t be frightened of being alone and feeling the sadness. Remember the true spiritual reason behind Christmas – hope and rebirth.

Wishing you every happiness for Christmas and the New Year.