How to awaken in 2020 and live the life you want

27 December 2019

Top 10 Ways to Awaken in 2020

There is a lot of transformational energy going on in 2020. To make the most of it, I list below ten things that will help you make the most of the energy and embrace positive change for yourself and the world

 1. Make your Number One goal presence

Without presence, true transformation and the ability to manifest are impossible. When you’re present, you’re in a state of awareness. And in awareness you have the ability to notice your thoughts and reactions, and manage your emotions and vibration.

A person sitting in presence in the grass outdoors

In presence, you can choose to respond rather than react. When you’re present you are grounded and you have the ability to focus your mind. I know of no other more powerful way to become present than to meditate.

2. Accept your challenges

Challenges are a part of life and will continue until you exit the planet. That is because we are here to transform and grow, and we do that through problems and challenges.

Know that in 2020 you’ll be challenged in the most divinely right way, so as to clear your karma and align you to who you really are. Challenges will definitely continue – because we are evolving at a faster rate than ever before, and at this time we are clearing at least ten times the karma that we had to clear a generation ago.

3. Heal your wounded child

She or he is the part of you that doesn’t feel good enough and gets triggered with emotional pain in the now, fuelled by the traumas of the past.

The truth is that you are perfect, whole and complete, you are lovable, important and worthy of living your best life and enjoying true abundance.

The part of you who doesn’t believe that is the wounded child. Become aware of this little person within you and if she or he is causing you a lot of pain, seek the help of a healer, counsellor or coach to clear the past.


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4. Keep your heart open and be willing to forgive

Red love heart

Proactively make forgiveness a part of your life. Include it in your meditation practice. If you have been deeply hurt or betrayed, accept that forgiveness is a process.

Start by being WILLING to forgive. Unforgiveness blocks the heart chakra, it blocks love from flowing through us and to us, and prevents us from living our best lives.

Even if you leave the person you haven’t forgiven, you’ll be sent people and situations that require further forgiveness until you master the lesson of forgiveness.

 5. Become aware of when you are criticising, blaming or judging someone else

When you do this you are in the victim vibration and not taking responsibility. Other people are going to do what they’re going to do.

Our need to blame, judge or criticise comes from our unwillingness to FEEL and examine what that person is bringing up in us! It’s our ego refusing to look at something within us that we don’t want to look at, refusing to be conscious.

This is where our true power is. Everything done to us is a reflection of something within us that we need to heal and transform. Don’t make it about the other person. They are just the messenger!

6. Realise that we are ALL ONE

Become aware of whenever you are perceiving things through the eyes of separation because this is the ego at work. - “Them” and “Us”

You are your neighbour, your neighbour is yourself, and hence the saying “do unto others as you would wish them do unto you.” This way you don’t create any further negative karma for yourself. Look for what CONNECTS you to another, not what separates you.

This is the way we’re going to end wars. Become aware of whenever you are perceiving things through the eyes of separation because this is the ego at work. – “Them” and “Us”. Our ego keeps us from seeing the truth, believing that “this person is good, this person is bad,” but the reality is that everyone has got some good and some bad in them.

With world leaders who you don’t like or disagree with, try asking yourself the question “what CAN I relate to in this person?” There will always be something. When we come from this place of mutuality, miracles are possible.

7. Visualise your dreams and desires on a regular basis

It’s not until you’re in the feeling place of your dreams and desires that they will manifest. Do this for yourself and for the world in general. This is the most powerful thing you can do if you want to create positive change for yourself and the world.

The more you focus on the “reality out there” you energise that. Continue to go within and visualise your alternative world, and then give thanks to the Universe and detach from how it will happen.

The Universe has ways of manifesting that you cannot even imagine, and very often things manifest in ways we least expect. And be patient. The Universal timing is not the ego’s timing.

8. Stay flexible

In 2020 we’re all going to be pushed to change, to restructure and to learn new ways of being, whether it be in embracing technology, in how we work, how we relate, how we make money or how we deal with our health.

Become aware of where you get stuck and resist change, and be willing to open up to the new. If you have a lot of changes going on, stay calm and become like a tree in the wind. Let go of rigidity

9. Practise gratitude

This is the best way to stay in the vibration of love and abundance, and of not going into fear and lack. By appreciating all that you have now, you raise your vibration and happiness level, and the very vibration of gratitude draws more to you to be grateful for.

10. Be the light you wish to see in the world

Globe in a hand being held out

Actions speak louder than words. If you don’t like something or feel passionate about something, take action. Don’t just talk about it or complain about it. When you take action, the Universe starts taking you seriously.

Don’t avoid taking action because you think “What’s the use? I can’t make any real difference.” Your taking action creates a ripple effect. It does contribute to change. We all must do what we feel is right and good and true, no matter how small, without an attachment to the outcome.Seek out the things that have meaning to you and that inspire you.

This is how you align to your soul, and it is likely to lead you to finding your purpose if you haven’t already. We all have preferences, interests and passions. Let go of “shoulds” which usually involve other people’s value systems. When your life becomes about what inspires and impassions you, you become soul-driven, and you find your true happiness.

If you want to know more about the powerful new energy that is coming in 2020, watch my full energy forecast on Youtube.

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