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Numerologically, the energies of 999 are now culminating before 9th September 2016 – the 9th day of September, being the 9th month and 2016 adding up to a number 9. Number 9 is all about completion. Numerology is based on nine year cycles and the date of 999 comes around every nine years; the last one being 9th September 2007.

999 is a rare opportunity to clear any negative karmic energy we have accumulated over the past nine years. It is a time where anything we may have been in denial about or “wished away” will smack us in the face with much greater force than ever before. We may find we come to a realisation that things cannot go on the way they are. For many of us, this can feel extremely painful.

The lead up to 999 brings about challenges and crises that force us to face certain aspects of ourselves, so as to transform and evolve for our highest good. We cannot change anything until we acknowledge and accept it. While some of us may experience physical endings – such as leaving a job, a relationship breakup or moving, many of us will experience less tangible endings, such as letting go of old thought patterns and perceptions that don’t serve us, letting go of old behaviours, no longer putting up with ill-treatment from others or ill-treatment from ourselves!

999 also brings about a completion of lessons. Certain relationships or situations may end because you have learned what you were meant to learn from that person/situation – their purpose has been fulfilled and now it is time to let go.

Forgiveness is an important aspect of 999. We must look at our lives from a higher perspective and know that everything and everyone comes into our lives to teach us something. The hardest challenges are in our lives for our growth and expansion. If we embrace the lessons from these challenges, we really do become better people – more loving, empathic, kind and humble. Your greatest enemy is, in fact, your highest teacher.