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Reset to Love, Peace and Abundance in Challenging Times

A 7 Day Course to Align yourself with the Laws of the Universe

This is a 7 day course in which I share with you 20 key Universal Laws that must be abided so as to create love, peace and abundance.

The course includes:

      • 7 video lessons for each day of the course;
      • A journal and journaling process to help embody the lesson themes;
      • 6 powerful healing meditations on the themes of the course;
      • Daily and Weekly healing rituals and prayers to use in the future;
      • Affirmations for each topic of the course which can be used beyond the course;
      • Lifetime Access to the course as well as access to any updates.

Reviews from Course Participants

I have completed the course. And wow! It was just what I needed. Thank you


I loved listening to Nicole…and loved her words washing over me and her amazing meditations. The course has been so helpful


The course was comprehensive – a lot of valuable information in one place.


“The course was comprehensive – a lot of valuable information in one place.


Soul Visioning

A Process of Manifesting Your Soul’s Desires

Why SOUL visioning? Because anything your soul desires will bring you true happiness and fulfilment!

In this online workshop:

  • I’ll be coaching you to reach your soul vision for 2020 and beyond
  • Helping you get clarity on soul abundance, and let go of ego desires
  • Coaching you to excavate your inventory of energetic blocks to manifesting
  • Teaching how to manifest in balance, the power of gratitude and surrender.

We will be experiencing four powerful healing meditations:

  1. Mindfulness to get present and soul-centred
  2. Energy clearing to clear our energetic blocks to manifesting abundance
  3. Soul alignment to align our intentions to the soul
  4. Manifestation meditation to manifest our soul abundance.

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    Reviews from Course Participants

    In this powerful nurturing session, energetic blocks were cleared and your soul vision explored. I left feeling positive, grounded, energised and enlightened.


    Nicole’s 2020 Visioning Workshop was a thought provoking session as it allowed me to really focus on what was blocking me from moving forward. 


    A peaceful, different type of visioning workshop that helps you learn to listen to what your soul wants, rather than what your head thinks you want.


    Since I did the course, the world has changed and I am tapping into the learnings from the course  I can call on to create more inner peace to deal with the present life challenges. 


    Nicole’s workshop helped my align with my higher self and purpose and shifted my whole perspective of love, balance and abundance. I saw and felt that it was truly possible to have it all!


    Releasing Beliefs of Fear and Lack

    A 7 Day Course to Heal the Blocks to Happiness

    In this course, we will explore and heal some very common beliefs that create in us a sense of fear and lack, and therefore, limit love, happiness, peace, and prosperity.

    The purpose of this course is to bring awareness to the hidden programs that may be sabotaging your life, giving you new awareness and knowledge, so as to create love and abundance. We begin by defining the difference between the soul (love) and the ego mind (fear).

    Fear-based beliefs create the vibration of lack, while loving beliefs create the vibration of abundance.

    Each lesson contains a talk, followed by a guided healing meditation to embody the teaching.

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    The course is available through Insight Timer.

    Love Nicole’s work and this course does not disappoint. I will be repeating it I am sure.


    So many wonderful insights. Like a warm blanket of love.


    Loved it, just what I was looking for!


    This course is truly infused with love, light and compassion. This course is exactly what I needed at exactly the right time. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.