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“Why do I keep being challenged? Why do I feel that something is always blocking me from moving forward? Just when I think I’m getting somewhere, there’s another problem!”

Do you ever feel this way? I know I certainly have, and it’s only recently that I’ve gotten full clarity on all this. Sure, I’ve heard it said and have said many times to my clients “problems are tools to teach yourself what works and what doesn’t” and “challenges come along to help you grow”. What I’ve come to realise is this: Challenges are part of the creation process! Whenever we put out an intention, the Universe orchestrates a series of events that allow this to happen, and in order for us to have this desire, we must clear in ourselves what is blocking this manifestation from happening.

Events, situations and people that challenge us present themselves to us so that we can clear an illusion that we may be holding. For example, a person desires to have more wealth and financial freedom, and instead of this coming to them, they experience the very opposite. Perhaps they lose their job or an important stream of income dries up. This event has been sent by the Universe so that the person faces their fear about not having enough, because if they’re in fear they are not likely to manifest their dream. The situation forces them to find the creative resources within themselves to adapt to the situation, and perhaps realise that even without that main source of income, they will find a way to survive, and maybe even flourish. It’s as if the Universe wants to force the person out of their comfort zone so as to face their own sense of “not enough” and realise that they are going to be fine, and with this, comes an ability to trust and a letting go of fear – the ideal vibration for manifesting.

Another example may be that a person wants to manifest a loving relationship, but instead of this, they meet a conman. The Universe has presented this in order that they heal the part of themselves that attracted this person. Sociopaths and other low-vibration people prey on good people who give too much and may have low self-worth. This person comes into the other’s life in order to teach them about themselves and heal their self-worth issues, thus clearing the way for the ideal partner and relationship.

It’s all perfect! So don’t beat yourself up if you’re being challenged. Don’t say “Why me?” Ask yourself “Why is this happening to me and what am I meant to learn here?” When you embrace the lesson, you clear the path to your dreams.