About me

Hi, I'm Nicole Bayliss...

Spirituality has always been an important part of my life, but it wasn’t until I experienced a transformation in my late 40’s that I realised the True Power that existed within me.

In 2005 I recall standing in a moment of pure awareness and ecstacy. Nothing “special” had happened in my outer life. I was just standing on a street corner, about to cross the road and felt complete oneness with everything and everyone. I had begun learning and practising meditation on a regular basis the year before and the exhaustion I had felt for years had left me. The shift this created in me is something that is impossible to put into words.

I am a Seeker of Spiritual Truth…

For years I had been seeking spiritual truth through reading. In fact books would find me. Some fell at my feet in bookshops, others called to me in bargain basements and some were sent to me or recommended to me by family and friends just at the time I needed to read that particular book. And yet a profound shift was happening within me just through closing my eyes and “being”. Information was important, but so was “no information”.

From Crisis to Awakening…

It was during a meditation in 2006 that I received a message to be true to myself, and I declared to everyone around me at New Year’s Eve that this was my new year’s resolution. Never underestimate the power of a resolution. Within a year I was divorced, my 18 year marriage in tatters and my family torn apart by a mid-life crisis - mine! The ensuing events ripped through our lives like a tornado. How did this happen? I thought I knew myself. Clearly not. Healing from this crisis led me on a journey of deep self-discovery, self-forgiveness and a thirst to know more.

Releasing Old Patterns…

I found a wonderful therapist who taught me Buddhist principles; she also helped me to see my patterns that I developed in childhood - the need to please others even if it didn’t please me, feeling overly responsible for others and the need to rescue. I was a classic co-dependent! This all stemmed from low self-worth. As I began to heal and change the self-limiting beliefs and patterns that had created my life to date, I realised that I had been presented with a brand new beginning. A new me was blossoming, like a butterfly from its cocoon.

Purpose Found Me…

And emerging with that was a sense of purpose, an inner-knowing that I could help others on their journeys of transformation too. Purpose had found me; I never went searching. So the study began and went on for seven years. From the time I entered my first classroom, I knew I had found my mission - Holistic counselling, Reiki, Tarot, NLP, Serenity Vibration Healing, Forensic Healing (to find out more about these, click here). I am always learning - both through study and through life! Recently I have channelled a new healing modality called “Soul Truth Healing” which is creating miracle shifts for my clients.

“Do what you love and you will never work a day in your life”…

Wayne Dyer

It was time to share the gifts I’d been given and in 2011 I opened my practice. I had never realised the joy that can be had through living your purpose. We all have a divine mission and when we find it and live it, we no longer “work”, we are simply “in service”. I am passionate about guiding others to find and live their purpose too.

Miracles are real. They really do happen …

Throughout this journey, my connection to Divine Source has been key. This is where the True Power is for me and for you. The Source has the answers. The Source heals. The Source creates miracles. I have experienced many miracles in my life since my awakening.

I can genuinely help you because I had to help myself first ...

From divorce and its devastating fallout I have learned self-responsibility, self-reliance, forgiveness, purpose, creativity and optimism.

From experiencing toxic relationships I have learned self-love, self-worth, self-care, empowerment and forgiveness.

From financial fear and struggle I have learned how to manifest abundance and to trust that I am always taken care of.

From skin cancer I have learned that I have the power within me to heal myself.

From having a son with autism who has had mental health issues and struggled with drug addiction, I have learned unconditional love, boundaries, how to let go and yet still be there.

I have not only “gotten through” each life challenge; I have grown, and become a more loving, abundant, successful and happier person because of each challenge. Life can be challenging, because we all are here to grow and transform. With every challenge we have a choice - we can either close down and harden, or we can open and say “Yes”.

I have learned that life is a spiritual journey and to embrace the journey - the good, the bad and the ugly. There are gifts in the bad and the ugly! It is all there for our enlightenment.