A Shift to Bliss

Many people are seeking more happiness and fulfilment. Many of us:

  • feel devoid of inner peace
  • feel frustrated that our dreams won’t materialise
  • struggle in our personal relationships
  • experience a shortage of time, money or love

At a deep level, we are attempting to live our lives built on faulty foundations – conditioned beliefs that no longer serve us. These beliefs create energy blocks that sabotage us and our potential. The intention of this book is to shine light on the self-limiting beliefs that are preventing you from living your best life. 'A Shift to Bliss' is available as eBook and paperback at various retailers.

Nicole about the her book

When distilled down to its core, every challenge we face will be the result of an old core belief that no longer serves us. In A Shift to Bliss I explore the seven beliefs that hold us back, why we believe them and how to set yourself free with the truth. This book is also about the power of awareness (mindfulness) and how to become more aware of the fearful ego mind and the lies it tells us, as opposed to the loving True Self. When we begin to access who we really are, we experience a shift to bliss.

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A Shift to Bliss is available as e-Book and paperback

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