5 Steps to Finding Love

Offers the opportunity to find love through the inner journey of healing yourself. By addressing the issue on all levels – energetically, spiritually, psychologically and behaviourally – Nicole takes you on a journey of self-exploration and guidance in the process of manifesting the relationship you have longed for. '5 Steps to Finding Love' is available as eBook and paperback at various retailers.

Nicole about her book

As a Life Coach and Energy Healer, I am passionate about each of us living our lives to our full potential and finding happiness. Too often I have met with women who are longing to find the right partner, but feel blocked in manifesting the right relationship. "Where are all the good men?" they ask.

I wrote 5 Steps to Finding Love based on the coaching and healing work I do with my clients as well as my own personal experience after a divorce.

The main message I want to share with you is that the problem isn't "out there"! It's inside of us, and by doing the inner work and healing the parts of ourselves that are blocking love, we will attract in the love we want. It worked for me, and it's worked for many of my clients, and in reading this book, it is my dearest wish that you will find the missing pieces of the puzzle in your quest for love.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.

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5 Steps to Finding Love is available as e-Book and paperback

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5 Steps to Finding Love is filled with common sense concepts and insights which offer the reader clarity and understanding about the characteristics to avoid when embarking on a new relationship. A must read for everyone!
- Carol

This book has transformed me. I learned the importance of self love and that there is no failure, only lessons. I am now walking through life at peace knowing that if I fill myself up with love then the rest will just fall into place.
- Nita

Although I have read several books of this kind, this one brought a different and more precise message. It makes me deeply realise what is happening to me at the moment.
- Erika

What a fantastic book! It is an easy read with exercises at the end of each chapter to help work through and really implement the ideas. It is a must read for anyone looking for love or wanting more love in their life in general. You will feel good after reading this book, guaranteed! It has helped me focus on what I really want, not what others tell me I should want! Lovely book! And I've now found love.
- Cornelia

I read Nicole's book 5 Steps... when I was going through an extremely difficult marriage break up. I was completely and utterly lost. I found this book very insightful and extremely helpful. So much in this book resonated with me. I could completely relate to what Nicole had written and found it very powerful and healing. I have read and re read this book over again and when ever I'm feeling "stuck" I pick it up and read a chapter. It is a definite must read!
- Chrissy

I have read Nicole's amazing book on love,... the first time I read it overnight. Since then, I have read it five times! It is my self-love bible. The exercises are fantastic. It is an easy read and I learn a new aspect about myself every- time I revisit it - yes, its a keeper. I have purchased and gifted it to a few friends because I see the value in it. I recommend it as a book to build a healthy platform for sustaining and developing relationships, be it with yourself or others.
- Arishma

Nicole's book is unique. A simple approach to improving your life an...d believing in yourself. It isn't just a book about finding a boyfriend, its about finding real love, loving yourself and improving all the relationships in your life. A lot of books and information available about love and relationships focus on female vulnerabilities. 5 Steps to Finding Love focuses on female strengths. It helps you to recognise and relocate those strengths (even if they have been hiding for a long time). It is written in a very clear way with powerful exercises which are easy to follow. The 5 steps are helping me to understand myself and my emotions, to manage and thrive in my life and to want an need a partner for the right reasons. Have a read, I'm sure you will find magic in the pages just as I did.
- Jeannie

The charm and effectiveness of "5 Steps to Finding Love" is its simplicity in conveying fundamental ideas, which are in fact complex and important. I have read many worthwhile books on this topic, from Jung to Gary Zukav, all aiming to help us to understand and practise the fundamental principles about living an authentic life, attracting love and honouring our own purpose. Nicole's book does this in a very readable way. Its conciseness doesn't mean it is missing depth. It is not simple without complexity. It just has the ability to say what we need to know clearly in five understandable principles. What makes the book authentic is the author's honest examples of her own inner journey to learn these lessons, and how she practised making these attitudes and behaviours a part of her daily being. This book can be read fast; it can be read for its exercise tasks; and it can be easily revisited in parts. I have bought this book for others, and they agree... it's a helpful and "inspiring". It's in the category of the "must have" on this topic.
- Michele

This book expresses my sentiments and the purpose of my work as a kinesiologist and Emotional Intuitive Healer. Like Nicole, I have met and helped many women clear the emotional blocks, self-limiting belief systems and negative programming that prevents them being aligned to a successful, loving, committed relationship. It is only by going within, clearing the emotional and mental blocks and taking ownership of our issues, that we set ourselves free. As creators of our own reality, and by letting go, we act as agents of positive change within our lives. Nicole is able to identify the five powerful steps needed, with a number of life changing exercises to assist in quickly clearing self-sabotaging and mental/emotional blockages that may be preventing you from experiencing a fulfilling relationship on all levels. This book is ideal for all ages, men and women. If you are seeking that special someone in your life – this is the book to read!
- Jacqui Prydie