5 Steps to Finding Love - Nicole Bayliss

5 Steps to Finding Love…

If you’re looking for love, stop searching and start healing!

5 Steps to Finding Love guides you through a process of self-healing and manifesting to heal and find your perfect partner.

5 Steps to Finding Love - Nicole Bayliss
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Why is it that in our modern world there are more ways than ever of meeting a partner, yet it seems so difficult to find the right one?

So many are searching but not finding. I aim to not only assist you in finding the right partner, but also to help you find a greater level of life satisfaction and joy all round, I believe that to maximise success, we must approach things holistically – spiritually, psychologically, energetically and behaviourally. 

5 Steps to Finding Love offers the opportunity to find love through the inner journey of healing yourself. By addressing the issue on all levels – energetically, spiritually, psychologically and behaviourally – I take you on a journey of self-exploration and guidance in the process of manifesting the relationship you have longed for.

Nicole x

Interview about ‘5 Steps to Finding Love’

Listen to my interview on 99.3 FM about ‘5 Steps to Finding Love’, interviewed by Karen Swain.

Interview about '5 Steps to Finding Love'

by Karen Swain | 99.3 FM

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5 Steps to Finding Love - Nicole Bayliss

What People Have Said about 5 Steps to Finding Love

The best $10 I’ve ever spent was on this book – it was transformative!

Debra Mercer

Sydney, Australia

Not only did this book help me find love, it helped me fall back in love with myself and heal from my past.


London, UK

 It is a must read for anyone looking for love or wanting more love in their life in general.

You will feel good after reading this book, guaranteed! It has helped me focus on what I really want, not what others tell me I should want! 


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5 Steps to Finding Love - Nicole Bayliss