So lovely seeing you the other day Nicole, I always feel so much better after a session with you! I definitely felt the energy shift in a positive way, so thank you for the beautiful healing and for your guidance. In these past few months, you have helped me get out of an energetic and emotional rut and start to see a difficult situation in a new, more empowering light. After a session with you, I feel like I've regained my inner equilibrium and peace, plus I have new, useful strategies to put in place in my life. David was appreciative of the distance healing too,



IMG_2936I wanted to let you know that you really have changed my life.  I have read many times how other people say this, but I've never really experienced it to the extent that you have.  You are truly wonderful at what you do.  I am grateful everyday for meeting you.   And this is the first time I think i have ever written an emal like this :) 


IMG_2911I am very grateful to Nicole for counselling me on aspects of my life which are challenging. She has taught me practical and wise self-empowering techniques which have helped me better understand myself and thereby manage stressful situations and relationships. During my reiki sessions with Nicole she has healed my past wounds and I always feel calmer and more balanced afterwards. I am also grateful to Nicole for introducing me to meditation. With her guidance, I have found it to be very healing and look forward to the feeling of awareness and peace.


Image courtesy of: Evgeni Dinev / freedigitalphotos.net

I have known Nicole for almost a year now and have taken all her modalities for healing as well as participated in her workshops. Her holistic approach to healing (Reiki, NLP, EFT and Counselling) has completely transformed my life.

Every time I meet her, I am joyful, content and excited about my life. Nicole gives me hope. Her sessions allow me to meet myself younger (innocent self) again, the girl pre-baggage, pre-trauma and pre-unhealthy relationships.

I have made tremendous progress in healing my relationships with close family members as well as friends. This unique gift of Nicole's is something I want to share with my friends and I recommend her sessions and workshops to anyone that is in dire need for a change in their life.


RESTORE_000014185704ResizedThank you Nicole. It is such a comfort to be in your company and with someone who has walked in my shoes.

You hold the space of personal together with professional effortlessly.


BalmoralI had heard of Reiki, and the catchy phrase somewhere along the lines of: "If you carry around dead or negative energy that stops you from living the life you want..." spoke right to my heart.
First time I saw Nicole, and tried Reiki, was a life changing experience! During my first session I could literally feel the energy leave my body, and afterwards I felt this calm and sense of ease within my body, and I believe it helped me change to a much more positive outlook on life!

I have since met up with Nicole on a regular basis for more Reiki, NLP and Tarot readings, and I highly value her expertise within healing, coaching and counselling.

She has even inspired me to learn Reiki myself! Thank you Nicole, for helping me unleash my true potential!!!

Carol P

step stonesNicole blew me away with her knowledge of Tarot during the reading she gave me. Without her knowing much about me at all she pinpointed key events and situations that were happening in my life that were spot on. Then I had a Reiki session with her and afterwards felt more clarity, less stressed and generally more balanced. She definitely knows what she's doing! My sister loved her session with her too and was able to deal with a serious family issue more confidently and with a more balanced approach.


478580After visiting Nicole for over a year I feel more relaxed, grounded and at peace, I've always said to her.. "She is my lovely angel". I am very grateful I met you.


550504_428896703797203_159817069_nI am addicted to Reiki with Nicole. Apart from the much needed very comfortable lie down I always come away feeling like I am back to being ME..... Grounded and balanced. The next day I also seem to have a fantastic day! Nicole has also given me some great advice.

M Prager – Director – My Property Agency Consolidated


I started seeing Nicole about six months ago for Reiki treatments. I had never had Reiki before and was not quite sure what to expect. I had just started my own business and was having difficulty sleeping due to stress, and things in my life were just not “gelling”. After my first Reiki session I noticed I was able to sleep so I went back for another session, which turned into another, and another.

I have been going to see Nicole every week since my first session and I have noticed that my life has improved dramatically, I am able to deal with stress in a much more practical way, I have lost weight, my business has gained incredible momentum and overall I am feeling much more balanced. I think that life moves so quickly, its easy to become overwhelmed and loose touch with ourselves and our intuition. I have found that regular Reiki sessions with Nicole have enabled me to reconnect with my intuition so my inner voice or “gut feeling” is strengthened – like I have a guardian angel watching over me – so everything in life falls into place perfectly!

Fiona K

Thank you Nicole for an insightful and helpful reading. In our first reading you predicted that I would get pregnant and pretty much to the day I have!

Kim (after one NLP session for insomnia/anxiety).

I just wanted to say a biggggg thank you as I feel so much better from just that one session. I am still waking a lot during the night but am able to get back to sleep easier. Also the anxiety when I wake is so much better. Thanks again and I am so impressed with the results.


Seeing you on Friday was incredibly helpful. I felt a weight lift off my shoulders and I cannot thank you enough for that, especially as you identified my current feelings as part of a grieving and healing process that is necessary to go through. I already feel better equipped with how to think of my current situation and to be patient and loving towards myself in this confusing and challenging time.

Rose W.

healtreeI  come to see Nicole about every 3 months for Tarot and every time I find it incredibly helpful. Whether it be confusion in my personal life, decisions about work or where I'm heading, I come away feeling clear, optimistic and a whole lot lighter. She can pick up on someone's character or a situation immediately! The first time she did this I felt spooked and amazed at the same time. Her readings also helped me through a period of grief, as she helped me see light at the end of the tunnel.

C Boonstra

I first came to see Nicole for a Reiki session that I bought on a whim, I had never tried Reiki before (but had friends that go on about it!) so it thought it was a no risk way of trying it. I was quite apprehensive about what to expect but Nicole very quickly put me at ease and explained the process and I thoroughly enjoyed the experience. After the session, Nicole and I discussed the findings of the healing and ended up discussing the stressful life events that I was going through.

Since then, I have seen Nicole weekly, mostly for counselling but I have the flexibility to have the kind of session that is right for me that week.. be it counselling, life coaching, tarot reading, Reiki, or an affirmation session. Nicole is gifted at tailoring the time to my needs at each session and the tarot reading is definitely fun! I never would have been able to move through the stresses I was experiencing (a long term relationship break up and the death of a close friend) so quickly and be able to turn them into positive actions without her help.

Since seeing Nicole I have gone from feeling directionless to successfully losing weight, buying the apartment of my dreams and am now confidently living a life I really want to. I love her!


Nicole, thank you so much for your time and energy today. I found the reading to be very helpful in putting into perspective some of the things happening in my life right now. You have a very lovely spirit and I came away with a very positive feeling.


A couple of weeks ago  I was listening through the session I had with you and recorded almost 2 yrs ago.I was amazed how much had already come through and things I didn’t quite understand during your reading - suddenly was very clear to me! And all of a sudden I had a holiday that was just a flow with one thing adding to another and  I came to the realisation that all I wished for came true! It was peculiar and funny and I was so high in energy and went on sort of laughing inside really enjoying my self! All the best to you Nicole. Namaste


I got a lot of benefit from our session last week. It felt like you really understood me and provided meaningful suggestions. Thank you.